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Are Lab Grown Diamonds Cheaper?


Another important reason our customers choose lab-grown diamonds is price. Because growing diamonds in a lab doesn’t cost as much as mining in far-flung locales, lab grown diamonds cost less than natural diamonds. The price difference depends on size and quality but can range from 50% to 35% less than a similar quality and size mined diamond. For the same budget, you can afford a larger lab-grown diamond.

Each diamond, lab-grown or natural is unique, with its own fingerprint of microscopic characteristics. Although today lab-grown diamonds are more rare than natural, accounting for a small percentage of the gem market, they will undoubtedly become more common in the future.

It’s possible that as technology improves lab grown diamonds will become more affordable and available. There may also be differences in the resale value of lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. Because lab-grown diamonds are a relatively new product, the resale market isn't as well-established.

One thing is clear: mining diamonds and producing lab grown diamonds are both expensive thanks to the unique characteristics of diamonds. Diamonds are never worthless. Diamonds are also much more valuable than imitations like cubic zirconia and moissanite.