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Can People Tell If a Diamond is Lab Grown?



The first question people ask about lab-created diamonds is whether or not people will be able to see a difference between lab diamonds and natural diamonds. No one can tell just by looking at a diamond with the naked eye whether it is natural or lab created.

Gemologists who have specifically trained to identify man-made diamonds can tell the difference by using gemological equipment. Because the growth environment is different, lab-grown diamonds can have differences in their absorption spectroscopy, microscopic metallic inclusions, and fluorescence and phosphorescence. The Gemological Institute of America sells the iD100 diamond origin testing machine for about $5000, which can identify lab created diamonds, pass 98% of natural diamonds and refer the other 2% for advanced testing. 

But your friends and family won’t know whether or not you chose a lab-grown diamond unless you tell them. Unlike diamond imitations like moissanite or cubic zirconia, lab-grown and mined diamonds appear identical even to a jeweler without gemological testing.