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7 Reasons to Love Emerald Cut Lab Diamonds

Rounds are brilliant. Ovals so elegant. But the diamond shape that has our hearts pounding most right now is the sophisticated emerald cut. Why do we love emerald cut diamonds? Unlike common round brilliant diamonds, they stand out from the crowd with fewer larger facets. You can spot an emerald cut diamond from across the room (and pick them out in all the red carpet photos of your favorite celebrities too.)

As much as we love all emerald cut diamonds, we especially love lab grown diamond emerald cuts. For this cut, quality matters: those long reflections reveal and highlight inclusions. Emerald cut lab grown diamonds so much more affordable in top qualities. Emerald Cut Lab Diamonds cost 50% less than mined diamonds so you can trade up to better quality and more carats.

That’s just the beginning of the story about why we love emerald cut lab grown diamonds. Here are seven more reasons. We think any one of them might be why you’re sure to love them too.

1. Star Quality

Wearing emerald cut diamonds might be the only thing we have in common with Beyonce, Amal Clooney and Angelina Jolie but we’ll take it. Why are strong successful women drawn to emerald cut diamonds? Is it the dramatic geometry, the large flashes of brilliance or the understated cool of this cut? All we know is that the biggest stars, from Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly yesterday to Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence today, wear emerald cut diamonds. And thanks to lab diamonds, we can afford the kind of emerald cut that’s ready for the spotlight. Because the only thing better than a beautiful emerald cut diamond is a bigger emerald cut lab diamond!

2. Legendary Style

We love Art Deco design, with its refined geometry. Emerald cut diamonds were an Art Deco jewelry favorite, with their sophisticated shape and icy brilliance. Every jewelry design that features emerald cuts and streamlined lines has a little of that Deco glamour even today. Now that this brilliant style is more accessible, emerald cut lab grown diamonds are becoming popular in both engagement rings and solitaire necklaces.

3. Mirror Mirror

Unlike all those brilliant cut diamond shapes like rounds, ovals, pears and marquises, emerald cuts are step cuts, with long rectangular facets instead of tiny triangles. That means fewer larger facets with bold large reflections. The long rectangular facets of an emerald cut return brighter and larger reflections of light back to your eyes: it’s a different optical effect than the smaller but more numerous reflections in a round diamond. The optical effect in an emerald cut is called the hall of mirrors effect: the facets reflect each other across the pavilion of the stone. When you turn the diamond, you’ll see the entire gem flash with light.

East-West Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Necklaces

4. Two Directions

Because most emerald cuts are rectangular you can choose to wear then set either vertically or horizontally. Emerald cut lab grown diamonds set vertically, or oriented north-south, are popular in rings because they make your fingers look long and elegant. Emerald cut lab diamonds set horizontally, or east-west, are popular in necklaces. This twist on a classic solitaire necklace turns heads too. Our emerald cut lab diamond east west necklace is twice as popular as the exact same necklace with the emerald cut lab diamond set north-south.

5. Cut for Brilliance

Once you start looking at emerald cut diamonds, you’ll see that they all look subtly different. Emerald cuts can be square or long and skinny rectangular and everything in between. Unlike emerald cut mined diamonds which are used to make the most of oddly shaped rough diamonds, our lab grown emerald cuts are always cut for maximum beauty and brilliance. Our experts recommend a length to width ratio of 1.4-1.5 to 1. Our emerald cut lab diamond necklaces and rings all feature beautifully cut emerald lab diamonds with this ratio.

Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

6. Living Large

Diamonds are sold by weight, not by size. Because different cuts have different dimensions, the same weight can be different sizes. Emerald cut diamonds look a little bit bigger than round diamonds the same carat weight because the emerald cut is shallower in depth and has cut corners. Your eyes see the dimension of the rectangle and discounts the cut corners. The elongated shape of the emerald cut also fools the eye into thinking it is larger. That is also why truly large emerald cut diamond engagement rings like the 18-carat gem Beyonce received from Jay Z look so massive.

7. Kinder to the Earth

Like all the lab-grown diamonds we sell, our emerald cut lab grown diamonds are sustainably grown by a lab that has been rated as climate neutral by SCS Global Services, the company that created the USDA Organic Certification. SCS Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds are audited for origin traceability, ethical stewardship, verified climate neutrality, sustainable production practices, and sustainability investments, establishing unprecedented benchmarks of performance and transparency. By choosing Brilliant Carbon lab grown diamonds, you are making a positive contribution to a more brilliant future.

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