A Sparkling Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide | Brilliant Carbon A Sparkling Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide | Brilliant Carbon
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A Sparkling Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

After a long and difficult year, more than ever, we’re looking for gifts with real meaning this holiday season. Mark the moment with lab grown diamond jewelry that she can treasure forever. Here are the top five holiday gifts this year for the person at the top of your list. Pick the one that celebrates her personal style.

For a Romantic

She feels deeply and wants her jewelry to remind her of the people she loves most. Look to your brilliant future together with the Gravity Ring. Shaped like an arrow pointing forward, it’s the perfect reminder that there are brighter days ahead and that you’ll reach them together. The Gravity Ring stacks beautifully so she can wear it every day: it pairs equally well with a solitaire or band rings.


For a Minimalist

She believes in fewer, better things. That lines should be clean and streamlined. She’s a minimalist who likes her jewelry to be simple yet dramatic. She’ll love the Sirius Emerald Cut Necklace. One perfect lab grown diamond with maximum impact. Its geometric lines and simple design are the perfect complement to her refined wardrobe.

For a Maximalist

She believes that more is more and less is a bore. She embraces embellishment and inspires you with her energy and style. She’ll adore the Andromeda Necklace. A sparkling lab grown diamond in the center commands attention. And the two sparkling rows of a double halo adds extra icing to the brilliant cake.


For a Classicist

She loves a little black dress and a classic trench. She invests in quality fashion that lasts forever.  Give her the brilliant earrings of her dreams: one-carat lab grown diamond studs in a classic martini setting for maximum sparkle. She’ll probably never take them off.

For a Fashionista

She’s an influencer, stylish and sophisticated. You might think she’s impossible to shop for but you’re wrong. She’ll instantly fall in love with the Binary Ring, with two lab-grown diamonds set on either side of the finger with negative space in between. Edgy perfection, it’s a new icon.