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Add Fine Jewelry and Multiply Your Style

A dramatic statement. A delicate whisper. Your jewelry has a language all its own that’s remarkably expressive. Do you want your style to shout from the rooftops, relax in a puddle of sun, or glimmer in the shadows? Your jewelry can make it happen.

If you want to have the right jewelry for every mood and occasion, you might think you need an endless jewelry box full of pieces, from bold to dainty. But there’s another option. A way to use the exact same jewelry styles to be brash or subtle. Glamorous or casual. Loud or soft.

If you have a basic wardrobe of classic lab-grown diamond jewelry, you will have all the ingredients you need to make your jewelry express your style, from classic everyday investment dressing to dramatic statement looks.

How you wear your jewelry is almost as important as which jewelry you wear. That’s where layering comes it. By combining different pieces in different combinations, you’ll be able to go dramatic or delicate with the exact same styles. That’s the power of wearing pieces in multiples. Five delicate rings stacked together are just as bold as one statement ring. Multiple necklaces worn together form cascades of brilliance like one bolder bib. And an earful of curated earrings make a statement just as fabulous as one statement style.

This difference is that you can shuffle these designs in different combinations, calibrating your look to match the moment. Wear one delicate band with a slip dress. Wear two to work. And layer four to go out. It’s all in the mix. Here are our favorite versatile jewelry styles to add to your collection to multiply your options. They can all be worn in so many ways you’ll have fun switching up your look on the regular.


Lab grown diamond stack rings

Ring Ring

The most popular jewelry category for layering is, of course, the stack ring. You can style your stack rings in so many different ways. You can stack several rings on one finger, of course. But you can also style your whole hand, adding rings on your other fingers. Index finger rings and pinkie rings are particularly fashionable right now. You can add one or both into the mix along with your favorite stack on your middle or ring finger. And that’s just one hand! Mix up the way you wear your rings on your other hand.

We love lab grown diamond stack rings because they are so easy to wear with everything in your closet. And the brilliance is the epitome of quiet luxury. Stack rings in different colors of gold add tonal interest. A bit of texture and negative space can add interest. A classic lab grown diamond band is wearable on any or every finger, alone or stacked. A vintage inspired lab-grown band adds a touch of pattern. A twisted gold band is the perfect textural contrast. A sleek bezel-set lab grown diamond band adds rhythm to the mix.

The original ring stacks are engagement rings and wedding bands. Today’s engagement ring stack can have more than one band. Try adding a slim lab grown diamond band on the opposite side of your wedding band. Or crown your engagement ring with a contour lab grown diamond wrap ring.


Three lab grown diamond necklaces

Layer Your Look

One lab grown diamond solitaire necklace is polished and professional. Three lab grown diamond necklaces make an undeniable statement. Three lab grown diamond necklaces layered with chains are runway-ready. If you have a wardrobe of necklaces, you are ready to create a neck look that suits every occasion. Right now, bold chain and brilliant pendants are the perfect combination for every day. We especially love two lab grown diamond pendants with mixed shapes. Try an emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace and an oval lab grown diamond necklace. Or pear lab grown diamond necklaces in different sizes, like a cascade of brilliant raindrops.


Lab grown diamond stud earrings

Curate Your Ears

How do timeless lab grown diamond stud earrings become edgy? Take your ear look to the next level by layering several classic earrings in each ear. Combine studs in different sizes or studs with tailored lab grown diamond huggies to put your own personal spin on these enduring styles. Princess cut lab grown diamond studs add an unexpected angle to any combination. Wear small lab grown diamond studs whenever you wear colorful fun earrings too to make them look more refined and luxurious.


Lab grown diamond friendship bracelets

Brace Yourself

Today, friendship bracelets are a colorful and fun way to express yourself. Add a touch of elegance to your arm party by adding a lab grown diamond friendship bracelet to the mix. Make sure the bracelet has an adjustable length so you can layer it with different kinds of bracelets for maximum versatility. The adjustable length means you can make it the perfect length to pair with a bulky smartwatch or bangles too.