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Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the Hallmark Channel of holidays. Whether you’re in a full-blown relationship, fresh off a breakup, navigating a situationship, or flying solo, a day dedicated to nothing but perfect romance can be a lot of pressure. We spend hours agonizing over the perfect gift to express our feelings. Is it sentimental enough or too sappy? Too quirky or not creative enough? It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and buy a candle.

And it’s hard not to be just as judgy over the day’s tokens of affection you receive. Before you resolve to just settle and pretend to swoon over some wilting supermarket roses or a heart-shaped box of waxy chocolates, we have a sure-fire solution to make sure you always receive the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

That’s because there's never any question that you'll receive the perfect Valentine’s Day gift when you shop for it for yourself. Listen to Ru Paul: "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” No matter who else shows up, the most important person in your life is you. When your cup is full and you've taken the time to attend to your wants and needs and even spoil yourself a little, you'll automatically be a better partner, parent and friend.  As Carrie Bradshaw says: "the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship is the one you have with yourself."

On Valentine’s Day, take the time to lavish yourself with self-love. Treat yourself to a massage, manicure, or a sparkling pair of lab-grown diamond earrings. (Or all three!) It’s the perfect time to indulge in whatever brings you happiness and joy.  As Meghan Markle wrote to herself before she became a royal: “I think you need to be your own Valentine.” That’s something way better than a box of chocolates.

This Valentine’s Day guide is dedicated to the jewels we can gift ourselves, to bring us strength, joy, happiness, and good luck. Each one is perfect to celebrate the best of who we are from the person who knows us best. Send these wish list items straight to your shopping cart because self-love is the new #RelationshipGoals and you totally deserve it (all the time, but especially on Valentine’s Day).  If your love language is jewelry, we’ll help you make sure your gift is everything you want it to be. Here are our top picks for your Valentine’s Day heart’s delight.


Lab grown diamond stud earrings

Studs That Deliver

A jewelry wardrobe staple for more than a century, classic stud earrings couldn’t be more timeless. That’s no doubt because they illuminate your face and draw every eye in the room with brilliance and fire. Your favorite celebrities wear them on repeat on the red carpet and to the gym. And lab grown diamond stud earrings are so affordable that they let you size up to the one-carat or two-carat size you’ve always wanted. These wear-everywhere everyday earrings are the ultimate in quiet luxury. What are you waiting for?


Lab grown diamond huggie earrings

A Hug That Lasts

Why not gift yourself a warm embrace that lasts forever? A brilliant pair of lab grown diamond huggie earrings will wrap your earlobes in sparkle every day, reminding you that you’ve got your own back. And a dazzling dangling lab grown diamond celebrates your strength and brilliance. You’ll love the way that these earrings always look appropriate. They’ll take you seamlessly from work to a workout or from breakfast at a drive-through to dinner at that hot new restaurant.


Lan grown diamond necklace

One for the Ages

Show yourself some love with the sparkling diamond necklace you’ve always wanted. It will mean even more when you gift it to yourself. Go classic and go big. A half-carat lab grown diamond necklace is undeniably stunning and surprisingly affordable. And an emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace will make every day a little brighter. It’s a lasting reminder that you’ve got this: a sparkling Valentine from you to you.


Lab grown diamond tennis bracelet

Brace Yourself

For a bracelet to be your everyday companion, it needs to be comfortable. That means it’s just the right size to layer with other bracelets or a watch. That it’s gorgeous worn solo. That it transitions seamlessly from shorts and a t-shirt to an elegant gown. That it suits all of your many moods. A lab grown diamond friendship bracelet has dazzling sparkle and a comfy chain back with an adjustable bolo clasp. It’s casual enough to be layered with an Apple watch for game day. But will also add elegance to a little black dress on date night.


Lab grown diamond rings

Ring True

With so much attention focused on The Ring, you might forget you have lots of other fingers that deserve to sparkle too! Show some love for your right hand, adorn those index fingers in glory and give a middle finger to anyone who scoffs at buying as many gorgeous lab grown diamond rings for yourself as you want. We love a good stack of sparkle, with plenty of lab grown diamonds and a nice mix of colors of gold. Too much? How about never enough? The best thing about a lovely ring collection? You’ll enjoy it all day long every time you look down at your hands.