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Brilliant Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mothers fill our world with love. On May 12, it's our chance to return the favor with thoughtful Mother's Day gifts that really show how much we care. Of course, you could just bring her flowers. But why not give her something enduring and special that will remind her of your love every day? When you give a Mother's Day gift of jewelry, she can cherish it, and the sentiment it carries, for years to come. She will think of you every time she wears your brilliant gift.

Diamonds are the perfect Mother's Day gift because they represent both love and strength, the superpowers of every mom. And diamonds beautifully commemorate happy moments forever, becoming sparkling reminders of the strength and love you share. Giving her lab-grown diamond jewelry also celebrates her determination to keep the world beautiful for the next generation too. Lab grown diamonds from Brilliant Carbon are a particularly meaningful gift because they are sustainably grown and include a donation to her favorite cause.

If you are lucky enough to have a beloved mother figure in your life, you know how much they deserve to be wrapped in luxury and spoiled rotten. Whether you’re buying for your mother, your partner, a sister, friend, aunt or grandmother, there are lab grown diamond jewelry styles to take her breath away at surprisingly affordable prices. Of course, not all moms are alike. Choose a jewelry design that’s just her style to give your gift a personal touch that makes it more meaningful. Here are our picks for the best jewelry gifts for Mother's Day for every type of mom.


Halo lab grown diamond necklace

For the Romantic

If your favorite mom has a soft spot for romantic movies and historical drama, she'll love a jewelry design with a touch of vintage charm. Look for styles with lacy details sparkling with pave that will add a touch of romance to daily life. A lab grown diamond pendant with a pave halo will charm her with its easy-to-wear silhouette. If she loves to stack rings, the Voyager Ring, with a pretty embroidery pattern of lab grown diamonds is the perfect addition to her collection. The dazzling Cassiopeia Drop Earrings have pave halos around gorgeous lab grown diamond drops. Any of these styles will take her breath away: not just because of their beauty but because they show how much you understand her too.


:ab grown diamond stud earrings

For the Traditionalist

There's a reason why some designs are timeless. Refined over decades, they are iconic in every way. The trench coat. A crisp white shirt. The little black dress. Ballet slippers. You simply can't go wrong with classics like these. If your favorite mom is a connoisseur of enduring elegance, you can't go wrong with solitaire jewelry. This is especially true if she sacrificed what she always wanted to spend it on you and has a costume version or smaller carat weight of the jewelry she really deserves. Spoil her forever with a pair of one-carat lab grown diamond stud earrings. They will instantly become her go-to accessory. Or choose a streamlined one-carat lab grown diamond solitaire necklace just like the one Elizabeth Taylor wears in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.


Oval lab grown diamond necklace

For the Minimalist

If your favorite mom has a great eye for design and an uncompromising minimalist aesthetic, you know how much she appreciates refined details. She understands that less is more and that the smallest statements are sometimes the most eloquent. Look for jewelry that's simple but also surprising in a subtle way. Fancy shape diamonds add a unique personality to elemental jewelry styles without extra adornment. An emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace with an east-west setting has a sophisticated style that still feels effortless. An oval lab grown diamond necklace has understated grace that even a perfectionist can't help but admire.


Lab grown diamond jewelry

For the Maximalist

Does your favorite mother love pattern, texture, color, and adornment? If she's a maximalist with a joyful over-the top style, more is always more. Her jewelry style is just as unrestrained. She loves to pile on the glamor and shine: an armful of bracelets, rings for every finger and layers of necklaces worn all at once in her own personal curated mix. Give her jewelry that's made to be worn in multiples. This lab grown diamond friendship bracelet is made to mix, with an adjustable sliding clasp that means it's always the perfect length to layer with other bracelets. A bold lab grown diamond band will make every stack more brilliant. And this lab grown diamond star necklace makes it clear how bright she shines in your life.


Mommy and me lab grown diamond necklace

For the Sentimentalist

Does she have a sentimental streak a mile wide? No matter how beautiful a jewelry gift might be, what really makes it special for her is the story. Celebrate the your relationship with a two stone lab grown necklace. Tell her that now the two of you will be joined together forever. This brilliant symbol of your unbreakable bond will be her new favorite possession.


Lab grown diamond celebration bands

For You

Being a mother is a source of never-ending joy, but it's a lot of hard work too! Celebrate your strength and endurance and your love for your children with a lab grown diamond celebration ring. No one knows your sacrifices and small victories like you do. Mark every milestone with a brilliant band so you can remember it forever. Each brilliant jewel celebrates the moments that mean the most, making it a beautiful reminder of your journey and the rewards along the way.