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Catch Your Fancy: Diamond Pendants Go Beyond Round

Every day. Everywhere you go. With everything you wear. The diamond solitaire necklace is an essential building block of a fine jewelry wardrobe.

But today’s diamond solitaire necklace doesn’t look like your mother’s diamond pendant. This classic style has been refreshed by a new selection of diamond cuts and shapes that are a fashionable twist on the traditional round solitaire necklace. These square, octagonal, oval and teardrop cuts are called fancy shaped diamonds. Oval shapes, emerald cuts, pear shapes and princess cuts are all popular alternatives to a round brilliant in your favorite solitaire necklace design.

And there’s a new more environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional mined diamonds. You can now choose a lab-grown diamond solitaire necklace. Lab-grown diamonds are actual diamonds that are created in a high-tech lab instead of being mined from the earth. If you’ve always thought that the solitaire necklace of your dreams is out of reach, you’ll be thrilled to discover that lab-grown diamonds are also much more affordable than mined diamonds.

Brides recommends a lab-grown diamond necklace as the perfect forever reminder of your wedding day: “Walking down the aisle, a glistening pair of earrings or delicate necklace can punctuate the romance of your wedding moment. In particular, a lab-grown diamond pendant is an elegant bauble which to polish off your look.”

Here are the top five shapes of lab-grown diamond solitaire necklaces that are trending today. One is sure to be a perfect expression of your style.

Emerald cut lab grown diamond necklaces

Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Necklaces

With their flashing long rectangular facets and icy brilliance, emerald cuts are the most distinctively different fancy shape diamond.  Instead of triangular small confetti-like brilliance, emerald cut diamonds have facets cut like stair steps, giving them unusual internal reflections, known as the “hall of mirrors” effect. The dramatic geometry of this octagonal cut appeals to strong sophisticated women. Many of our favorite celebrity engagement rings feature emerald cut diamonds, including Beyonce, Amal Clooney, and Angelina Jolie.

And the unique look of emerald cuts makes them a sophisticated choice for a glamorous necklace too. Emerald cut lab created diamond pendants are particularly popular with the long axis set horizontally rather than vertically as you might have expected to see in the past. This east-west setting makes the most of this diamond shape’s dramatic length. At Brilliant Carbon, we specialize in emerald cut lab diamond necklaces set with beautifully crafted emerald cuts that are sustainably grown with net zero carbon impact. Every purchase also includes a donation to the cause of your choice.

Oval lab grown diamond necklace

Oval Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

With their elegantly elongated curves and sparkling brilliance, oval shape diamonds are fancy but still classic. Their long silhouette, shallow depth and large face-up area make them look larger than a round brilliant of the same carat weight. Some of our favorite celebrities have oval shape engagement rings, including Hailey Bieber, Simone Biles, Blake Lively and Serena Williams.

Oval shape lab diamonds are a great choice for a diamond necklace too, especially set horizontally. East-west oval lab diamond necklaces are classically elegant yet just different enough from rounds to catch the eye. You’ll love how a bright and beautiful oval lab grown diamond will make a simple timeless style like a solitaire stand out. It will instantly become your signature, making everything you wear a little more chic.

Pear lab diamond necklace

Pear Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

Like tears of joy, pear shape diamonds have a beautiful drop shape that beautifully accents many jewelry designs. Like brilliance dripping from your ears or neck, pear diamonds are also popular set in adventurous engagement rings. Adele, Megan Fox, Cardi B and Zoe Saldana all wear pear shape diamond rings.

The best possible way to wear a pear is in a diamond solitaire necklace. (Elizabeth Taylor famously had her own 69.42 carat pear diamond necklace she wore to the Oscars in 1970, stopping traffic.)  Even a simple pear lab diamond pendant necklace is a bit more glamorous than a classic round. Wear it long for drama or shorter to nestle in the hollow of your throat. Either way, it’s a dramatic statement that’s still timeless.

 Princess cut lab diamond necklace

Princess Cut Lab Diamond Necklaces

For a new angle on the diamond solitaire necklace, try a princess cut diamond. This four cornered cut makes square cool again, with plenty of sparkle and a distinctive X-shaped facet pattern that gives it a unique look.  Like round diamonds, symmetry makes a diamond more brilliant.  That’s why princess cuts are so bright. 

Princess cut diamonds lend themselves to avant garde contemporary jewelry designs. But they also make a simple jewelry design more modern. That’s why princess cut lab created diamond necklaces are so effective. They take the classic and give it a new edge.  Lab diamond stud earrings are also a great twist on a classic. Wear them and discover it’s cool to be square.

Round lab grown diamond necklace

Round Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

While fancy shape diamond necklaces are becoming more popular, there’s still a lot of good reasons for sticking to the tried and true. Round diamond necklaces are classic for a reason: round diamonds are the most brilliant of all diamond cuts. They have a timeless appeal that never goes out of style.

They are also incredibly versatile. That’s why round diamond necklaces are the most popular choice of all. For a contemporary look, a bezel-set round lab diamond necklace is sleek and streamlined.  A halo lab diamond necklace has vintage flair. And a round Shooting Star lab diamond necklace with a loop of shining rose gold like a comet’s tail brings the sparkling stars within reach. The unique design of your necklace makes this classic style your own.