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How To Hide An Engagement Ring

Planning a surprise proposal? Asking the love of your life to marry you is exciting but can be a little bit stressful too. Keeping all your plans under wraps is especially challenging if you live together. (And even more if you both also work from home!) We're here to help you remove one worry from the planning process: how to hide the engagement ring until you are ready to pop the question. Your partner probably has a sense that something is up so will be on the lookout for clues. Using a little creativity to make sure that gorgeous lab diamond engagement ring stays concealed until the big reveal. Here are ideas and strategies for successfully keeping the ring under wraps.

Special Delivery

The first step in keeping the proposal a secret is making sure you can get the package discreetly. Here are some ways to make sure nothing tips off your partner that there's a ring in that box. Timing is everything: you can schedule the delivery for a time when you know your partner won't be home. It's difficult sometimes to be exact so pick a time when you have a long delivery window. Do you have a camera doorbell system? Having the package delivered to you home might not be the best option. Can you send the package to a trusted friend or family member? Can you send it to your work address? These packages generally require a signature so make sure you send it where you know someone will be able to sign for it. This has the advantage that you can leave the outer packaging and documents at a different location so all you will have to hide is the ring box.


Hide the engagement ring in a book

Hiding an Engagement Ring at Home

Now that you have the engagement ring in hand, where can you hide it so it's safe and your partner won't accidentally find it? We don't recommend hiding it in your car glove box or trunk. Having your car stolen is bad enough without losing the ring too! It's best to conceal the ring at home. Here are some ideas for places that will be safe and secure where your partner will never look.

Put the engagement ring box inside a pair of shoes that are out of season or that you don't often wear. Boots are perfect for this. You can also roll the ring box inside a pair of socks and hide them in the back of your sock drawer. Trust us, no one wants to open your gym bag! Unless your partner is a neat freak who does your laundry, the ring will be safe tucked into an inner pocket. Obviously don't choose a bag that you share or that you use every day. You can also use an equipment bag like a gold bag, ski helmet or other sports equipment that you don't use very often. Hanging clothes are great at concealing that ring-box bulge. Tuck the ring box in the inner pocket of a suit, tuxedo, or out-of-season coat hanging in the back of your closet.

Hollowing out a book is a romantic way to hide a ring. Pick a title that you both love or a book of love poems. It will have to be a thick book to have enough room to carve out a secret compartment. One bonus of this hiding place is that you can make the book part of your proposal and it becomes a keepsake to remind you both of this moment. You can even buy a custom book with a hidden compartment.

Do you have a box of decorations for a far-off holiday like Christmas or Halloween? Tuck the ring box in the middle of those strings of lights or pumpkins to keep it out of sight. If you are planning a Christmas proposal you can create or buy an ornament that will hold the ring that you can hang on a branch at the back of the tree until the moment is right. You can even hang the ring as an ornament with a pretty ribbon.

Engagement ring ornament

Get a new perspective on your home: think about all the places underneath furniture that you can't easily see. You can tape an envelope with the ring box under the sofa, under a bed, or under another piece of furniture. Just be wary of spots that might be hit while vacuuming (or make sure you do all the vacuuming for a while!) Make sure you can't see the box from far away. Find a high shelf in the kitchen, garage or closet that's not easy to reach without a ladder. Tuck the ring inside a box that says something else on the outside, like lightbulbs or vacuum cleaner bags.

If your partner is a true detective or if you have months before the proposal, you might have to outsource your hiding place. A safety deposit box is an ideal spot: secure and impossible to find. You can take that hiding place to the bank!

Hiding the Engagement Ring Before the Proposal

If you're planning to propose at home, remove the ring from its hiding place before the proposal and keep it close so you can seize the perfect moment. If you plan to propose somewhere else, you need a plan on how to transport the ring and still keep it under wraps.

If you'd like to propose using a ring box, you need room for the box. If you often carry a bag, camera case or backpack, you can easily stash the ring in a pocket. If you are heading out for a picnic or day at the beach, you can carry it along with a bottle of wine or champagne. If the weather is too hot for a coat and carrying a bag won't work, you can buy a slim box or pouch that is easier to conceal. There are even Marry Me socks with a pocket for a ring box.

If you feel comfortable carrying the ring without the box, you can put the ring in your sunglasses case or a money belt worn below your clothes. A plain envelope, with or without a card is also a great safe way to carry a ring. Make sure the envelope is seated tightly.

Socks to hide engagement ring

Hiding the Engagement Ring on a Trip

Thinking of proposing during a vacation? Proposing in a romantic place is a great way to make the moment special. Traveling with the engagement ring before the proposal takes a little extra thought. If you’re driving, we recommend you don’t leave the engagement ring unattended in the car for long periods of time. It's much better to keep it with you in your bags.

If you’re flying, make sure you hide the engagement ring in your carry-on bag. Never leave valuables in checked luggage. The engagement ring box generally should be fine going through security, but it doesn't hurt to put a not on the box that asks the TSA agent to be discreet in case your bag is searched. If possible, pack the ring away from batteries, tangles of cords and the kinds of things that invite a search. A toiletries bag is a great place to stash the ring. For extra protection, you can put the ring in an empty travel-sized bottle. If you carry a travel pillow, you may be able to unzip it and place the ring inside. You can also put the ring box in your laptop case, where any bulge will just look like a charger or voltage converter.

So channel James Bond and keep your engagement ring secret safe until the time is right! You can relax and keep your focus where it belongs: making this a moment you'll both remember forever. Happy proposing!