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How to Style Your Ring Stack

One of our favorite trends in fine jewelry isn’t about what you wear, but how you wear it. Stacking multiple rings on one finger adds a fresh twist to classic timeless ring silhouettes and expresses your personal style. Not sure how best to stack the rings that you already have in your jewelry box? Looking to add just the right ring to your current stack? Read on for some expert advice on how to take your stack from good to great.


Lab grown diamond band rings

Build on a Solid Foundation

Start with a strong foundation: a ring that’s all-diamond pave or solid metal. The idea here is that a classic plain band is the best contrast to ground bands in many shapes, sizes and colors. Your solid band could be your wedding band, a celebration band, a band that marks the birth of a child or just the perfect diamond band that caught your eye. We’re especially partial to the River of Light Band, which is delicate but has a strong presence with plenty of sparkle. We prefer it in white gold to give it a solid look. You’ll place your foundation band in the middle of your stack.


Twisted Gold Band Rings

Get Tactile With Texture

Here’s where it gets interesting. Pair your solid foundation band with a ring that has some texture. This might be antique style millegrain engraved edges or a band with a pattern or design of some kind. We love the Voyager Ring, which has a dot-dash pattern of lab grown diamonds, or a twisted gold band ring. The idea here is to add some visual interest with a band that contrasts with the solid look of your foundation ring. (It’s a bonus that this also adds a different tactile element for your fingers if you like to play with your jewelry.) We like to amp up the visual contrast with a different color of gold here. If your foundation ring is white gold, try a yellow gold textural ring to draw the eye.


Stacking Rings with Lab Grown Diamonds

Add Drama With Rhythm

Can you feel your heartbeat? Your stack needs a beat too. A rhythmic ring with a pattern of waves, stones, or colors helps to punctuate your stack with a new element. Consider a band with a pattern of large and small gems, diamond and another color, or gems and metals. The Many Moons Band Ring uses lab grown diamonds and metal connectors to create a pleasing syncopated pattern of sparkle and shine that really accents your solid band. One bonus to this kind of rhythmic ring is that there are fewer diamonds than on a solid band so you can afford larger gems, making for more of a contrast in that respect too.


Four Lab Grown Diamond Rings Stacked

Two, Three, Four or More?

Can’t stop, won’t stop! Stacks of two or three bands are just the beginning. Stacking four or five rings really allows you to add your own personal touch. Just make sure you buy the rings a half-size larger than normal so they will fit comfortably higher on your finger. Try an asymmetrical ring to crown your stack with a different shape ring. It also really looks great to sandwich the three center rings with a set of two similar or identical rings on the top and bottom, either in the same metal color or in different colors. This gives your stack a finished intentional look.


Diamond Rings on Every Fingers

Stack Horizontally Too

Stacking many rings on a single finger isn’t the only way to stack and layer your collection. Consider adding rings on other fingers for a red-carpet worthy style statement. We especially love a pointer finger ring to add an edgy touch to a classic engagement ring-wedding band pairing. Our customers also love our Binary Ring as a cool pinkie ring. Basically think of stacking and curating the rings for two hands, not one finger.


Many Moons Brands

Break These Rules

The best thing about these rules? They are made to be broken! Once you have a stack you like, you can experiment and change it up. It’s fun to mix and match different rings into your stack to go with different looks. Try mixing in some colored gemstones. Stack your bands with a solitaire or engagement ring for a different look. Three matching rings in three different colors of gold allow you to match or not as the mood strikes you. The affordability of lab grown diamond stacking rings mean that you can now buy two or three for the price of one ring with mined diamonds. That means you have more options, more versatility and more style in your jewelry box.