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Jewelry for the Minimalist in All of Us

You don’t follow trends: you have your own style. You eliminate mere decoration when you get dressed and refine every one of your looks down to the essential. Your wardrobe is all clean lines and elemental shapes. You’re a minimalist. That doesn’t mean you don’t wear jewelry, of course. It means that your jewelry is carefully considered, with simple lines, refined details and enduring quality. You invest carefully in pieces that will stand the test of time: quiet luxury accessories that suit your demanding aesthetic.

Like your wardrobe, your jewelry palette is pared down. You love how monochrome jewelry makes everything harmonize elegantly. Lab grown diamonds in white gold add brilliance to every ensemble with no distractions. When your jewelry is this considered, less is more. You prefer one statement pendant to piled on necklace layers. One curated stack of rings, not a jumbled handful. We hear you and we’re here for it. Here are our top five fine jewelry pieces for minimalists like you.


Lab grown diamond necklace

Streamlined Shine

Like a dewdrop in the sun or the glint of a reflection on a window, one single spark of brilliance illuminates a scene. A solitaire necklace adds a spotlight of glamor to everything you wear. The most elemental and refined version is a pure statement. The bezel set lab grown diamond solitaire necklace is a minimalist’s dream. One single round brilliant lab grown diamond sparkles like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. The gem floats invisibly on a delicate chain, with no distracting loops or attachments. Only a slim frame of gold holds it in place. It’s never too much, whether with a crisp white shirt, a sleek tank or tee, or a strapless dress. It becomes part of you.


Lab grown diamond bezel set stud earrings

Sleek Sparkle

What does quiet luxury mean to you? A gleam of gold and a single flash of brilliance. The perfect minimalist earrings are refined bezel-set lab grown diamond stud earrings. They have everything you need to shine and nothing you don’t. No prongs clutch at the gems. They float in a barely-there ribbon of gold. The slim bezel acts as a frame surrounding each brilliant lab grown diamond. They are timeless and effortless, like you were born wearing them. They will take you anywhere: you’ll never have to travel with a jewelry box to feel perfectly polished no matter where you go, whether it’s to Paris for Fashion Week or hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.


Lab grown diamond tennis bracelet

Friends with Benefits

A jumble of alphabet beads and braided cord in primary colors? Although you love the sentiment, the standard colorful friendship bracelet is just not your style. If your friends understand you, they’ll give you something much more elevated. The River of Light Bracelet is exactly what you're looking for. A sleek chain with an adjustable bolo clasp that hugs your arm. And a slim row of lab-grown diamonds sparkling across your wrist. It’s elegant and relaxed and terribly chic. Just like you.


Lab grown diamond hoop earrings

Drop Everything

Even a minimalist can’t wear stud earrings every single day forever, although it’s tempting of course. Sometimes, you might want to wear earrings that are a bit younger and cooler and more fun. (But obviously still elegant and refined, of course. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.) For those moments, we recommend a tailored hoop earring with a surprise dangling lab grown diamond like the Sirius Drop Huggies. You’ll love the clean lines of the hoop silhouette from the side. And the dangle adds movement and life and dazzle to keep things fresh. Go crazy and get them in yellow gold for those days when you want to glow with warmth. Wearing them may make you feel like dancing, even if you’re just cooking dinner.


Lab grown diamond stack rings

Band Together

Others may reach for the blingiest cocktail ring. But you are, of course, looking for something a bit more understated but will still make you smile when you look down at your hand. May we suggest a collection of slim lab grown diamond stack rings? You can curate a stack or switch your stack rings up as you like to fit your mood. How to style your stack is a personal choice. You can add texture, rhythm and color variations to your taste or keep things simple. No matter how you style your stack, the parallel edges of the rings mean they easily combine into one single statement. You add depth and interest but keep things simple at the same time. Start your stack with a thin diamond band. The River of Light Ring has a full carat of sparkling lab grown diamonds. So it’s stunning alone but also stacks brilliantly with other rings, giving you many ways to wear it your way.


Lab grown diamond engagement ring

Yours Forever

The iconic engagement ring, refined to its essence, is a solitaire: one thin band of gold that holds one single sparkling gem and your promise of forever. Keep it simple, in this case, doesn’t have to mean inobtrusive. Thanks to lab-grown diamonds your ring can be as dramatic as it is refined. Choose a two carat lab grown diamond engagement ring with a simple gold band. It is timeless for a reason: it can’t be improved upon. Its minimal style says maximum romance, too.