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Keeping Up With Kourtney's Engagement Ring

If you’ve been on a desert island and haven’t heard, Kourtney Kardashian and Blink 182’s Travis Barker finally put a ring on it. And that ring is a spectacular oval engagement ring. No details have been announced but it appears to be a hefty eight carat oval diamond on a thin pave band. Estimated cost? A cool million.

Even if your budget is slightly smaller, there are many good reasons you should consider an oval engagement ring. Kourtney isn’t the only celebrity wearing one: Ariana Grande, Blake Lively, Hailey Baldwin, Serena Williams, and Rose Leslie all have oval shape engagement rings too.

Oval diamonds are so graceful, with those elegant curves. And if you choose an oval lab diamond, you can find your dream ring or solitaire necklace without breaking your budget. And oval solitaire necklaces are trending too.

Why are oval engagement rings and oval solitaire necklaces a great choice? Because classic diamond jewelry should always be timeless but never be boring. An oval diamond adds a subtle but unique twist to a simple minimalist style like a solitaire.

Oval diamonds length to width ratios

Oval diamonds aren’t all the same. There are tall skinny ovals and wider almost round ovals. Some have more pointed ends and others have more prominent shoulders. Which is best? Experts say you should look for a length to width ratio between 1.3 and 1.6. To calculate the ratio, you find the exact measurements on a diamond’s grading report and divide the length measurement by the width measurement. The higher the ratio, the longer the shape. A perfectly round diamond has a ratio of 1 because the length and the width are the same. Shape is totally a matter of personal preference: unusually long ovals have a large fan club too.

Ovals also have more presence for their carat size than rounds. They are slightly shallower than round brilliant cuts so they have more surface area for their carat weights. There’s also something about the taller elongated silhouette that makes them look bigger and sparkle above their weight class. Even though a two-carat oval diamond looks larger than a two-carat round, it usually sells for less per carat.

Oval engagement ring with lab diamonds

And as you may have noticed while admiring Kourtney’s ring, you’ll also see that oval engagement rings make your fingers look longer and slimmer. They are the secret weapon of an engagement ring selfie.

What are the most popular oval engagement ring styles? Halo oval engagement rings are the most popular, followed by oval engagement rings with a diamond band like Kourtney’s engagement ring. The other popular oval engagement ring style is three stone oval engagement rings, which cover the finger beautifully. Whatever the engagement ring style, the oval is similar enough to the round brilliant style to make it work. You can even commission a custom oval engagement ring with the oval set sideways or at an angle like Ariana’s ring. Whatever your favorite engagement ring style, modern, vintage, or classic, ovals are a great alternative to a round that will make your ring just your style.

Oval lab diamond solitaire necklace

Of course, engagement rings aren’t the only way to wear oval diamonds. If you are looking for an oval solitaire necklace, the most popular style is the simplest: one oval diamond on a delicate chain. But there is one style decision here. Do you like a north-south oval solitaire necklace setting or an east-west oval solitaire necklace setting? Most of our customers prefer the unexpected surprise of the east-west setting. It’s easy to layer with other necklaces too.

And thanks to the affordability and availability of lab-grown diamonds, the one-carat oval solitaire necklace of your dreams is less than you might imagine. At Brilliant Carbon, our oval lab diamond solitaire necklaces start at just $399.