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Six Ways to Style Your Stud Earrings

What’s the most classic wear-everywhere earring in your wardrobe? If you didn’t say diamond studs, it must be because you don’t have a pair (yet). Diamond stud earrings are the ideal earring to wear to the game along with your favorite player’s jersey. (Hello, Taylor.) And also to a red carpet event. (Zendaya, slaying.) Although diamond stud earrings are simple, they come in lots of variations. You can find a style that suits you perfectly. And thanks to lab grown diamonds, now you don’t have to compromise on quality to get the carat size that you really want without breaking the bank.

The best metal for stud earrings is long-lasting and beautiful 14K gold in your favorite color. Sizes range from one-half carat total weight, which have 0.25 carat accent diamonds for each ear to 4-carat total weight, which have 2-carat diamonds for each ear. The most popular sizes are 1 carat total weight and 2 carat total weight. Which lab grown diamond stud earring setting style is right for you? Here are the six most popular variations so you can find the version that’s just your style.


Lab grown diamond stud earrings

Classic Four-Prong Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Let’s start with the classics, shall we? The four-prong round lab grown diamond stud earring is the most popular for a reason. It’s sturdy yet it leaves plenty of room for light to enter the diamond from every angle. It has a squared off symmetrical silhouette that most people find pleasing. And it’s ultra secure, holding your diamonds from both sides. Round diamonds are the most brilliant of all diamond cuts so they have plenty of sparkle. Although the four-prong setting is most often seen in white gold, it’s also very pretty in yellow gold, with the prongs adding warmth against your skin. Four-prong styles come with utilitarian baskets underneath or these much more glamorous lattice lab grown stud earrings design that are really pretty from the side too. (With the price of gold so high today, the prettier setting is actually more affordable too because it’s lighter.) The advantages of four-prong studs are: timeless design, the most brilliant cut, security, and space for design flourishes. Disadvantages are that this style is the most common for studs, the most common diamond shape, and can be a bit chunky on your ears. Choose four-prong round lab grown diamond stud earrings if you appreciate the classic little black dress and pumps and you’ll always be well-dressed.


Martini stud earrings with lab grown diamonds

Martini Three-Prong Round Diamond Stud Earrings

The difference between four-prong and three-prong round diamond stud earrings is subtle but important. Three-prong diamond stud earrings have a tripod style setting that’s more streamlined and minimalist than a four-prong basket. This stud style is often called a “martini setting” because it has the triangular silhouette of a martini-glass. This stud style has less gold overall, with the setting hugging the point of the round brilliant diamond. (This setting style only works with a round.) Less metal means more light can enter the diamond from the side. For small studs this is particularly good because this means the diamond can sit close to your ear and the ratio of diamond to metal is higher. That doesn’t mean that this style doesn’t also shine for larger size diamonds. Try one-carat lab grown diamond martini studs or two carat lab grown diamond martini studs and see how they light up your smile.


Bezel set lab diamond stud earrings

Streamlined Bezel-Set Round Diamond Stud Earrings

If you love the clean lines of midcentury modern design, you’ll no doubt be drawn to the sleek silhouette of a bezel stud setting. In this style, a smooth circle of gold frames the diamonds. It’s minimalist and chic. It’s also very secure and long lasting, with no prongs to catch on scarves or sweaters. In white gold the bezel disappears into the diamond, so it appears to be floating. We especially love this style in yellow gold, which makes the line of the bezel more visible. Bezel-set lab grown diamond studs are beautiful accent earrings for a second or third piercing because they will complement other earrings. They make a dramatic statement in large sizes too.


Lab grown diamond halo stud earrings

Detailed Halo Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Do stud earrings seem versatile, yes, but perhaps a bit plain to you? Designers have heard your pleas and created the halo diamond stud earring just for you. In this design, an orbit of smaller diamonds surrounds each stud with a halo of brilliance, making it bigger and brighter. When set in white gold, the surrounding diamonds merge seamlessly into the center stones from far away. In yellow gold, you see the distinction more clearly. The halo adds the kind of romantic lacy details you might find in antique jewelry. These 1.40 carat total weight lab grown diamond halo stud earrings look like two carats from afar but close up you’ll see the lovely detail of the halo. It’s like have your cake and eating it too, the earring version.


Princess lab grown diamond stud earrings

Square Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Who says stud earrings have to be round? Enjoy a new angle on a classic with princess cut stud earrings which have a chic square silhouette. The unusual silhouette is the most dramatic in larger sizes. These one-carat princess cut lab grown diamond stud earrings are perfect. The four prongs grip the corners, emphasizing the square shape while keeping the corners protected. Emerald cut lab grown diamond stud earrings are another way to add unexpected style to your studs. If you have an oval engagement ring, oval lab grown diamond stud earrings are the perfect complement. You’ll want to choose at least a carat or more in size to make sure the shape is visible.


Lab grown diamond drop stud earrings

Dramatic Drop Diamond Stud Earrings

If you love the versatility of stud earrings but prefer earrings that don’t sit directly on your lobes, consider a drop stud earring design. This style has a wire and lever back post that drops the diamonds below your lobes. Because the diamonds can pivot and move with you, many people find them more comfortable to wear every day. And the fact that the diamonds drop below your jawline makes your neck look long and elegant. This style is especially good for longer hairstyles that can make traditional on-the-ear studs harder to see. Because this style doesn’t rest on your ear, it’s especially appropriate for large carat weight diamonds, which might protrude out from your lobes. With the affordability of lab grown diamonds and the comfort of this setting, the sky’s the limit! Try two-carat lab grown diamond drop studs in this setting for dazzlingly dramatic earrings. Brilliant Carbon can custom craft even larger sized lab grown diamond stud earrings on request just for you.