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Star Struck: The Celestial Jewelry Trend

Stars, constellations, planets and moons have been connected to jewelry throughout history. Ancient legends say that diamonds are pieces of fallen stars. Diamonds don’t belong to earth alone. Scientists think that it rains diamonds on the planets Uranus and Neptune. In 2004, astronomers discovered a star of crystallized carbon: the entire star is a vast diamond: 10 billion-trillion-trillion carats. They couldn’t resist a Beatles reference, naming it “Lucy.”

The heavens have long been an inspiration for jewelry design too. When Halley’s Comet appeared in the skies in 1835 and 1910, its arrival was celebrated with diamond designs. The Apollo space program launched many collections of moon themed jewels in the Sixties. Astronomy and astrology have been a source of inspiration for jewelry designs since Ancient Greece. Diamonds in particular have always been associated with the stars.

Celestial style is more popular today than ever before, as we look to the sky for inspiration and connection once again. The star power jewelry trend has royal provenance, too. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge recently wore diamond star earrings by Robinson Pelham on the red carpet.

At Brilliant Carbon, our lab-grown diamonds are grown layer by layer in plasma like the surface of the sun and stars, connecting all our designs to the galaxy and beyond.

Our designers have been inspired by this celestial connection too, creating star-struck motifs that remind you that we are all stardust.

Here are our five favorite ways to make the celestial trend your own.

Supernova earrings

Supernova Earrings

As classic as diamond studs and even more stylish, star shaped diamond earrings are the perfect way to add celestial style to everything you wear. The Supernova Earrings from our exclusive star-power Supernova Collection, have one carat of lab-grown diamonds with a frame of radiant beams around them. They’ll light up your face day and night. You can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt or a strapless ball gown: they are the perfect finishing touch to every outfit.

Supernova Necklace

Supernova Necklace

The Supernova Necklace takes a classic silhouette to the next level. If you’ve always wanted a diamond solitaire necklace but it seems just a little too basic of a basic, the Supernova Necklace is exactly what you are looking for. A lab-grown diamond solitaire is transformed into a star with a radiating halo around the center stone. Wearing it, you’ll shine like the star you are.

Supernova Bands

Supernova Rings

We love a classic diamond solitaire ring as much as the next person: who can argue with the engagement ring design so classic that it inspired the ring emoji? But even the most devoted solitaire enthusiast will appreciate the way the starry crown of the Supernova Band adds radiance to a plain solitaire. The Supernova Band can celebrate your wedding, an anniversary or the birth of a child. One shines like a celestial tiara and two surround your solitaire with a halo of radiating brilliance. Either way, your solitaire becomes a star.

Sunburst earring Jackets

Sunburst Earring Jackets

If you already have diamond studs, the Sunburst Earring Jackets frame your studs in brilliant lab grown diamonds that radiate like a starburst.  We love the versatility of earring jackets, which make your studs do double duty as a more dressy design. You can even mix the colors of gold to make your studs complement your engagement ring or other favorite diamond jewelry styles.

Star Cluster Necklace

Star Cluster Necklace

Out of many, one. Inspired by the globular clusters where stars form out of billowing clouds of interstellar gas, the Star Cluster Necklace is a tribute to friends and families, connected even as you become independent and shine individually. Seven brilliant lab grown diamonds together form a sparkling star.

Comet Bangle

Comet Bangle

When Comet Halley returns on 2061, you’ll reach for the strikingly modern Comet Bangle, a design inspired by a brilliant ball of ice, lighting the night sky with a tail behind it. This brilliant bangle uses negative space to give the impression of motion, just as the comet’s tail fans out behind it as it hangs motionless in the sky, tracing its path towards the sun.

Eclipse Necklace

Eclipse Necklace

If you’ve ever seen a total solar eclipse, you’ll never forget it. It’s as if time stands still and the sun’s corona shines bright in a ring around the disc of the moon. It’s an astronomical phenomenon that has deep symbolic meaning, symbolizing change and new beginnings. The gorgeous Eclipse Necklace serves as an inspiring reminder that every day is a new beginning.