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The Best Jewelry for Aquarius

Innovative and inspiring. Free spirited and lively. Rebels with a cause. Aquarius, the zodiac sign for those born between January 20 and February 18, is the zodiac’s humanitarian. Intellectual, technologically savvy and progressive, Aquarians like you don't need authority figures, institutions or conventional wisdom to tell you what’s right. You blaze your own path.

People born under this air sign are trendsetters not followers. Aquarians like Oprah, Harry Styles, Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, and Shakira have the determination and drive to break new ground. Individualists with a rich interior world, Aquarians like a lot of space. But you also care deeply for people and our planet. You have a deep sense of justice and fairness. This attracts you to politics, alternative lifestyles, charitable causes and environmentalism.

Aquarius loves the idea of high-tech sustainably grown gems and high-minded brands that contribute to making the world a better place. That’s why you’ll always do the research and choose lab-grown diamond jewelry from a Sustainability Rated Producer that gives back to people and the planet, like jewelry from Brilliant Carbon.

What type of jewelry should Aquarius wear? It's not surprising that you prefer unusual cuts and shapes to traditional round diamonds. Aquarians always choose to stand out rather than blend in. Switch up those rounds for princess cuts and emerald shapes that have artful hard angles to inspire you. Here are six fine jewelry styles that every Aquarius will love, all set with carbon-neutral lab-grown diamonds.


Princess cut lab grown diamond earrings

Square the Circles

As an intellectual air sign, Aquarius thinks about much more than material things. The streamlined clean lines of stud earrings are perfect for the unfussy polished look that tells the world that you have more on your mind than fashion. But standard studs are just a little too conventional for your rebel heart. And lab-grown diamonds are a must. Choose these princess-cut lab grown diamond earrings for studs that are noticeably different and a little bit unexpected. You can wear them with your black leather jacket and your ripped jeans to see that new band. Or with your artfully draped LBD to a gallery opening.


Lab grown diamond princess cut necklace

Find a New Angle

A diamond solitaire pendant is a brilliant way to add sparkle to every day. A round brilliant lab grown diamond necklace is a luxurious classic. But Aquarius prefers a necklace with a more unusual square silhouette. It’s an exciting square peg in a world of round holes. A princess cut lab grown diamond necklace is more modern and geometric than the classic round, the kind of updated design that Aquarius appreciates. And it’s still just as wearable every day, whether you are grilling in a park or going out on the town. So it will effortlessly take you everywhere you want to go in style.


Lab grown diamond tennis bracelet

Ditch the Catch

As an Aquarius, you love innovation. So jewelry that reinvents a classic and makes it better is right up your alley. Think about the last time you put on a bracelet. Did it seem like it really fit your wrist and stayed in place? (And don’t get us started on trying to wrangle that teeny tiny clasp one handed. There has to be a better way!) Enter the River of Light Bracelet. It has a unique sliding bolo clasp that tightens effortlessly to snug to your wrist. Just slip it on and slide it to the exact tightness you want. It stays in place and the chic dangling ends act as a counterweight so all the pretty lab grown diamonds stay up top where you can admire them. (And you don’t need to budget extra carats for the back where you can’t see them.) It has everything you love about the tennis bracelet: it’s casually luxe and sporty with fun friendship bracelet vibes. And it doesn’t come with the big price tag and worries that you might lose it j like Chris Evert famously did on the court of the U.S. Open. That’s a win-win.


Emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace

Turn the Corners

All Aquarians know that sometimes we all need a new perspective to see a better way. For example, most jewelry designs are on the up-and-up. That it, the gemstone shapes are oriented vertically. Something magical happens when a design plays with that expectation and orients the long axis of the gem east-west instead of north-south. An emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace looks fresh and interesting when it takes a 90-degree turn toward modernism. This sideways classic is an update that makes you look twice. And that’s exactly the way Aquarius likes it.


Lab grown diamond princess cut engagement ring

Yes, Squared

Aquarians are loyal friends and romantic partners, with a small inner circle that lasts a lifetime. When you meet your match, sparks fly and deep conversations go on long into the night, Your relationships are both intellectually stimulating and passionate. To symbolize this intense union, no ordinary engagement ring will do. Look for a ring that’s unusual and surprising, that breaks the rules and also is kind to the planet. A princess cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring with its unexpected square shape is the kind of modern ring Aquarius can appreciate. An unusual solitaire can be stacked with different bands to change its look. For Aquarius change is always good. Life as an Aquarius is always an adventure, so get ready for an exciting journey ahead!


Lab grown diamond band ring

Strike Up the Band

Because Aquarius loves to break the rules and flout convention, a classic engagement ring, even one with an unusual gem, might be too traditional. In that case, choose a sparkling one-carat lab-grown diamond band. It honors the symbolism of a commitment to endless love without being a conventional engagement ring. That lets you be romantic and rebellious at the same time, which suits you perfectly.