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The Best Jewelry for Aries

Daring. Competitive. Fiery. Impulsive. People born under the sign of Aries, March 21 to April 19, are natural leaders. You are the first sign of the zodiac and you like it that way. Energetic, passionate and confident, you are always ready to leap before you look. You are the definition of main character energy. That’s why it’s not surprising that divas like Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Celine Dion, Maya Angelou, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, and Diana Ross are all Aries, totally at home in the spotlight. Drama is your middle name.

That means you are dynamic, exciting, fearless and fun to be around, a rock star who effortlessly attracts communities of fans and followers. Aries are also known as great friends who are warm, caring, and generous. But that doesn’t mean that Aries doesn’t have a competitive streak a mile wide. Aries likes winning, getting attention and being admired.

Passionate, charismatic and spontaneous, being around an Aries means an adventure is about to begin. As the life of every party, you light up every room you enter. Your jewelry should do the same. Forget delicate layers, you need dramatic jewelry that’s ready for the spotlight. Every Aries is born to wear diamonds and, frankly, the bigger the better. That’s because only diamonds are as fiery and bold as you are. Choose big beautiful lab-grown diamonds in large carat weights and get ready for the compliments. Here are the five best jewelry styles for Aries.


Lab grown diamond solitaire necklce

One and Done

Aries is a solo act, self-determined and self-sufficient, confident and courageous. That’s why the perfect accessory for you is a diamond solitaire necklace. You need a necklace that’s easy to wear so it won’t slow you down. Choose a bezel set lab grown diamond necklace like the Vega Solitaire Necklace. It’s smooth streamlined setting won’t ever catch on clothing during any impromptu costume changes or quick trip to the gym. And it’s dazzling enough for a party animal like you. The gorgeous lab grown diamond sparkles as bright as your personality.


Lab grown diamond earrings

Everywhere Earrings

You never know when your next adventure will begin. So every Aries needs jewelry that can take you anywhere. There’s no more versatile design than stud earrings. A gorgeous pair of two-carat lab grown diamond stud earrings is the Aries ideal. They are easy to wear running in the park or playing a mean game of pickleball. They are polished and professional for the office. And they are a brilliant accent to a little black dress for date night. Even if you just threw them on and wore them for three days straight (we see you, Aries), they’ll always look like you dressed for the occasion.

Drop Everything

Because you are all so charming, every Aries has a busy social life. You live life to the fullest and are impossible to ignore. That means you need some glamor in your jewelry box for those moments when someone invites you to a movie premiere or a black-tie gala. A drop-dead gorgeous pair of drop earrings will take you from dressed to best dressed when it matters most. The sleek bezel-set Vega Drop Earrings are just your style. The lab-grown diamonds will sparkle as you move, attracting as much attention as your brilliant conversation. And their low maintenance streamlined silhouette won’t slow you down when you dance until dawn.


Lab grown diamond eternity band

Band Together

You have a lot to celebrate, Aries. Not just your upcoming birthday (Happy Birthday!) but victories, success at work and personal milestones. What better way to mark the moments that mean the most to you with a brilliant lab-grown diamond band ring? Stack your achievements where you can see them! Slim and sparkling, you’ll want to wear more than one on every finger, because Aries never does anything half-way. The River of Light Ring has a full carat of sustainably grown lab diamonds so it’s as luxurious as it is meaningful.


Lab grown diamond engagement ring

Be Mine Forever

Everyone loves how Aries smiles and lights up the whole room. Warm and passionate, you are easy to love because you care so much about others. Although you are a born alpha of any pack, you’re also a passionate romantic, driven by your heart. When you fall in love, fireworks will inevitably follow. This kind of legendary love deserves an engagement ring that’s just as epic. Choose an impossible-to-ignore two carat lab grown diamond engagement ring. A simple solitaire setting highlights that gorgeous gem in the spotlight it, and Aries, commands.