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The Best Jewelry for Capricorns

Disciplined and resourceful. Ambitious and practical. The go-getters born under the sign of Capricorn, from December 22 to January 20, are the hardest working members of the zodiac. Capricorns value tradition too, so you appreciate timeless fine jewelry styles that never go out of style.

Capricorns enjoy climbing the ladder and earning their success. Like all earth signs, success and prosperity are important to you. Capricorns possess an inner resolve and determination which equips you to handle anything life throws at you with confidence. Capricorns get stuff DONE. You always look good too, because you know presenting a stylish and polished appearance helps you get what you want out of life.

Visionaries and trailblazers, Capricorns like Dolly Parton, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Katie Couric, and Mary J. Blige have a unique balance of confidence and humility. You have a grounded down-to-earth personality that makes people feel instantly comfortable. Although you’re very selective about who you let into your life, you’ll drop everything when friends need an emergency babysitter or a last-minute ride to the airport.

Because of your unwavering focus and no-filter honesty, Capricorns can sometimes be perceived as cold, unemotional, or even ruthless, but that's only because you have perspective. If it won't matter in five years, what’s the point of worrying about it today? When other people get dragged into drama, you keep your eyes on the big picture.

When it comes to jewelry, Capricorn is all practicality, looking for timeless investment pieces that will last a lifetime. You love the unrivalled brilliance of round brilliant diamonds. If the jewelry design is ostentatiously deluxe looking, even better: after all, you like to dress to impress. Capricorn’s frugal side means that you are also drawn to lab grown diamonds. Why wouldn’t you be? Lab grown diamonds are better quality and cost less. It just makes sense to Capricorn to get a two-carat lab grown diamond instead of a smaller mined diamond and invest the savings in tech stocks.

Here are the best jewelry pieces for ambitious Capricorn. Each one is a master class in timeless investment dressing, balancing a luxe look with practical budget-friendly calculation, just the way you like it.


Illusion Solitaire Rings

The Magic of Multiplication

Capricorns are born to shine, but they also like to stretch their dollars as far as they can possibly go. The Illusion Solitaire Ring gives you maximum sparkle at minimum cost. This clever jewelry hack takes advantage of the fact that smaller diamond sizes cost much less per carat. When smaller carat sizes are grouped together, they also cover more surface area than one larger gem, with less of the carat weight hidden as depth. That’s why setting many small diamonds closely together gives you lots of brilliance on a budget. Combine the illusion setting with the affordability of lab grown diamonds and you have gorgeous fine jewelry that doesn’t cost much more than disposable costume jewelry styles. That’s the kind of financial equation that Capricorn appreciates.


Lab grown diamond halo earrings

A Circle of Brilliance

Capricorns always appreciate practicality and longevity in their accessories. The round brilliant diamonds in the Cassiopeia Stud Earrings are cut to maximize their sparkle and fire, perfect for capturing the attention of everyone around you! Plus, the halo setting adds an extra touch of vintage-inspired elegance that makes these earrings look like a treasured heirloom. And here’s the best part: that sparkling halo just happens to make these earrings look much larger than their carat weight would suggest. For Capricorns like you, that’s a win-win.


Lab grown diamond halo necklace

Surround Yourself with Sparkle

Capricorns know the value of hard work and real value and a quality piece of jewelry is no exception. Treat yourself to a durable, long-lasting investment that celebrates your achievements, from landing that big promotion to celebrating another successful year. A classic lab grown diamond halo necklace has the style and value that Capricorns appreciate. It's elegant, detailed, timeless, and is the perfect sparkling symbol of your success.

Lab grown diamond band ring

Strike Up the Band

Capricorns prefer timeless jewelry styles that last. When you consider how often you will wear a piece of jewelry (and practical Capricorns always do) these fine jewelry classics pay for themselves. Enter the Milky Way Ring, a sparkling lab grown diamond band that never goes out of style. This ring is perfect for stacking or wearing alone. The nine lab grown diamonds cover the width of your finger in brilliance. And of course, keeping all your carats where you can see them, not wasting any on the back of the ring, is the Capricorn way.


Lab grown diamond tennis bracelet

Up Your Game

Tennis bracelets are a bit extravagant, with scores of diamonds winding all the way around your wrist, circling your arm completely in brilliance. Of course, you can’t enjoy all the diamonds at once but the all-the-way-around design is necessary to ensure that the diamonds don’t just drop to the bottom of the bracelet. The River of Light Bracelet solves that problem another way: its sliding bolo clasp keeps the bracelet snug to your wrist so the lab grown diamonds stay in place. Fewer carats but the same sparkle! It’s an elegant way to have your tennis bracelet and everything else on your wish list too that every thrifty Capricorn can appreciate.


Lab grown diamond halo engagement ring

Make a Forever Statement

Capricorns value quality and appreciate luxury. They have a keen eye for detail and strive to achieve perfection in everything they do. The perfect Capricorn engagement ring is meticulously crafted, timelessly designed and utterly breathtaking. A modestly sized mined diamond just won’t do: a stunning two carat lab grown diamond is definitely required. Even better: add even more brilliance! A two-carat lab-grown diamond halo engagement ring is the perfect ring for you. This magic combination of large center stone and vintage inspired halo not only creates a gorgeous engagement ring but you could argue it’s completely practical too. The halo setting enhances the sparkle of your center stone, making it look bigger and better than ever before. It's a master class in investment dressing.