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The Best Jewelry for Pisces

Intuitive and dreamy. Emotional and compassionate. If you’re born between February 18 to March 20, your sign is Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. Pisces is the most intuitive and sensitive sign, attuned to people’s emotions and energy. People born under this sign, like Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, and Eva Mendes, effortlessly adapt to their surroundings while remaining somewhat otherworldly. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces is the most spiritual zodiac sign.

As a Pisces you are ruled by Neptune, the celestial body that governs creativity and dreams. Ethereal and imaginative, Pisces traits include being compassionate, romantic, artistic, and empathetic. Dancers, musicians, artists, writers, and actors, Pisces are the obvious creatives of the zodiac. When you channel your emotions into your favorite art form, you feel more centered and enlightened. You’re so intuitive, everyone suspects you are a little bit psychic.

Magical and mysterious Neptune also oversees illusion and escapism. Pisces can drift between between fantasy and reality. With such immense sensitivity, you can easily become engulfed by emotion and must remember to stay grounded in everyday reality. Pisces season is a time for us all to be reflective and dream. It’s an opportunity to begin again and rewrite what you want for the year ahead.

As a Pisces, your love language is deeply romantic gestures and intimacy. For you, there’s no such thing as too sentimental. You adore being wooed, spoiled rotten, treated like royalty, and showered with affection and jewels. And you’re not afraid to gift yourself the jewelry you’ve always wanted too, indulging your taste for heirloom quality jewels with a luxurious look.

You appreciate jewelry with personal symbolism. Lab grown diamonds, with their symbolism of strength and enduring love, are as meaningful as they are beautiful. You also love the legacy and heritage of the past. That’s why you deserve jewelry that’s delicate and romantic with a vintage touch. Lab grown diamond jewelry designs with details like pave accents and fancy shapes like pears and ovals are the perfect balance of dramatic and romantic to suit your style.


Pear lab diamond necklace

Drop Some Brilliance

As a water sign, Pisces is drawn to the sea. You are the mermaids of the zodiac, at home in the pool or taking a luxurious long soak in the tub. That’s why you are drawn to pear-shape diamonds, the most aquatic diamond shape. The sparkling teardrop shape is like a Pisces zodiac pendant, but much more refined. You’ll love a pear shape lab-grown diamond necklace, which adds a drop of brilliance to everything you wear. Wear three and the drops become a chic cascade of brilliance.


Halo Lab grown diamond necklace

Tomorrow’s Heirloom

Pisces can never resist a necklace with extra charm and details. That’s why a halo lab grown diamond necklace is sure to make your heart beat faster. The delicate pave halo surrounds the center lab grown diamond like a warm embrace, adding extra sparkle. It looks like a treasured family heirloom passed down from your great-aunt Matilda. You’ll love imagining the stories your grandchildren will tell about all the wild things you did wearing it in the Roaring Twenty-Twenties.


Lab grown diamond stack rings

Vintage Touches

There’s nothing more appealing to you than an opportunity to be creative. That’s why stacking rings are perfect for you. You can curate a collection, mixing textures and colors and patterns, so you can adorn all your fingers in style. A vintage-inspired lab-grown diamond stacking ring will add a lot of personality to any stack. It’s has so much style in such a slim profile, you might need it in several colors of gold. Your stacks will thank you: every ring you own will look better with this style in the mix.


Halo lab grown diamond earings

Rings of Fire

How do stud earrings make your neck look longer? We don’t understand the magic but it’s undeniable. You’ll swan around town in these charming lab grown diamond halo earrings, a refined update to the classic stud. Rings of brilliant pave encircle the center lab grown diamond on each ear, making it simultaneously more dramatic and more delicate. You’ll probably reach for them every morning.


Pear shape lab grown diamond engagement ring

A Perfect Pear

You and the one you love are deeply in love and totally in sync. So you’ll both immediately fall hard for this unusual engagement ring style that’s designed to be both adventurous and timeless. It’s the perfect way to promise forever. Named Pavo, after the constellation of the Peacock, this pear lab grown diamond engagement ring has a delicate vintage style halo and a sparkling pave band. Will you wear it point up, like Cardi B, or point down like Margot Robbie? Will you make it the world’s most elegant mood ring and change it up depending on your emotional weather? Either way, your mood will definitely improve every time you glance down and see this beauty on your finger.


Oval halo lab diamond engagement ring

Elegantly Engaged

Oval engagement rings are trending as a way to pledge your love forever. They are a favorite of celebrities, including Pisces Simone Biles. One glance at this gorgeous two-carat oval lab grown diamond engagement ring shows why. The elongated silhouette of the oval center stone adds elegance. A graceful halo of brilliance embracing the center stone makes this ring look even more dramatic. You’ll find yourself talking with your hands.