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The Best Jewelry for Sagittarius

Free-spirited and philosophical. Outgoing and enthusiastic. Passionate, curious, and intense, people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are impossible to ignore. Represented by the archer, those born between November 22nd and December 21st thrive on exploration and discovery. Your open-mindedness makes you a great companion for wild weekends and daring escapades. This fire sign burns bright.

Sagittarius' ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of abundance, so naturally, people who are born under this sign want to have it all, all the time. You will never settle for less. When you are intrigued by something, you dive in with both feet. That is, until something else catches your eye. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning it is associated with adaptability and flexibility. Sagittarius has so many passions and interests, you’re constantly jumping to the next thing.

Celebrity Sagittarians like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, and Nicki Minaj are all known for their larger-than-life spirit. Sagittarians like you are captivating characters who can light up any room with exhilarating tales, infectious laughter, and dynamic charm. Effortlessly magnetic, you easily attract friends and lovers. The challenge? It’s difficult for you to commit to anything or anyone. Fueled by wanderlust, Sagittarians can be found traversing all corners of the globe on thrill-seeking expeditions, chasing after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures.

Sagittarius loves jewelry that's innovative but that won’t slow you down. You also think deeply and are passionate about doing what’s right. Champions of the natural world with deep respect for the planet, people born under this sign choose jewelry that is sustainable, ethical and conflict free. Lab grown diamonds created using renewable energy are perfect for deeply committed and passionate Sagittarians like you.

Here are five picks of Sagittarian-approved lab grown diamond jewelry with innovative sustainably created lab grown diamonds, cut in interesting and unusual shapes, in wearable designs that are ready for anything, just like you.


Oval lab grown diamond necklace

Solitaire Necklace, But Make It Oval

A solitaire necklace set with a sparkling lab grown diamond is perfect for Sagittarius because it is at home everywhere, from a hiking trail to a black-tie soiree. But not just any traditional necklace will do. Sagittarius looks for something that sets a design apart from the crowd. A Brilliant Carbon oval lab grown diamond necklace with the gem set east-west is timeless with a twist. The unexpected shape and the sideways setting make you look twice. And the fact that the lab diamond is sustainably grown using renewable solar and wind power satisfies your passion for protecting the environment. Because for Sagittarius more is definitely more, upgrade to a breathtaking one carat oval lab grown diamond necklace. Luxury, innovation and sustainability: that’s the Sagittarian way.


Lab grown diamond tennis bolo bracelet

Friendship Bracelet, But Make It Sparkle

Let famous Sagittarius Taylor Swift inspire you to pile on the charm and the bracelets. An arm party is a great way to accessorize for Sagittarians like you because it’s so expressive of your big personality. Curate your bracelets for every mood and every Era, turning a timeless classic into an every-changing style adventure. Of course, not any old bracelet will do. The perfect choice is a lab-grown tennis bracelet with a twist: a clever sliding bolo clasp that makes it easy to layer with other bracelets. At the same time the adjustable length keeps it snug enough for your wild adventures and ensures you won’t lose it when bungee jumping or, you know, playing tennis. Plus, the innovative design of the bolo clasp adds an unexpected element that's sure to turn heads.


Emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace

Timeless, But Make It Sophisticated

Not a fan of the oval diamond necklace? Sophisticated Sagittarians may prefer an emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace instead. Like the oval, it stands out from the crowd with an unusual cut. Emerald cut diamonds symbolize confidence, boldness, and elegance, traits that align well with your personality. The elegant simplicity of this design reflects your straightforward approach to life and the open-hearted way in which you engage with others. Emerald cuts have a different facet pattern than ovals and rounds. Instead of small triangular confetti-style reflections, emerald cuts have long rectangular reflections. They flash rather than sparkle and reflect light back and forth to each other, an optical phenomenon called the hall of mirrors effect. They scream twenties Art Deco. You know that Sagittarians in the 1920s were fabulous flappers drinking champagne and scandalizing the neighbors with their high hemlines and bobbed hairdos. Wearing a gorgeous one carat emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace will have you raising a martini to those rebellious soul sisters and promising to give everyone something to talk about in their honor.


Princess cut lab grown diamond earrings

Stud Earrings, But Make Them Square

Everyone loves stud earrings, of course. But for Sagittarians like you they might feel a little…..ordinary? Enter the princess cut. This brilliant diamond shape is a square peg in that expected round hole. In a world filled with round diamonds, princess cuts are refreshingly unconventional, just like the Sagittarius wearing them. The surprising shape enlivens the standard stud earring silhouette just like the arrival of a Sagittarius enlivens every party. Of course, since we’re talking Sagittarian studs, we need them to be sustainably grown in a laboratory. Brilliant Carbon’s princess cut lab grown diamond earrings will be the perfect companion on your next adventure.


Princess cut lab grown diamond engagement ring

I Do, But Make It Modern

It’s true Sagittarians may sometimes have commitment issues. But when they find the perfect partner in crime, it’s forever. (Watch out, world!) The perfect engagement ring for Sagittarius sparkles with a big beautiful lab grown diamond in an unusual shape. A two-carat princess cut lab grown diamond engagement ring from Brilliant Carbon should “I do” nicely. It’s luxurious, thanks to the substantial size. It’s rebellious, thanks to the unusual square shape. And it’s sustainable, produced using renewable energy. It even gives back, with a portion of the purchase price going to support the cause of your choice. That’s everything you’ll love to say yes to in one sparkling ring.