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The Best Jewelry for Taurus

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money, Taurus really knows how to live. Born from April 20 to May 20, people with this zodiac sign are connoisseurs of life's simple pleasures. With your finely developed appreciation of quality, luxury, and romance, you are all born to wear fine jewelry.

Taurus is down-to-earth, reliable, loyal, sensual and a bit stubborn. Like fellow Taureans Adele, Gigi Hadid, Gal Gadot, Meghan Fox, Lizzo, Tina Fey, and Ellie Kemper, you are someone others can easily relate to. You value comfort and stability over novelty and know how to work hard to get what you want out of life. Just as at home on Wall Street as your sign’s symbol, the bull, you are always investing for the future and pursuing and achieving success and security. Taurus rules the second house of self-worth and income, which governs how you feel about material possessions, finances, the characteristics you value in yourself and others, and the sensual world.

If there are two things that any Taurus loves, it’s feeling grounded and pampered. That’s why Taurus is drawn to beauty and the arts, interior design, craftsmanship, and romance. Your house has beautiful mood lighting, comfortable furniture with cozy throw pillows and blankets, and inviting scents. You are always beautifully dressed in soft fabrics and gleaming fine jewelry.

Because you love luxury and quality, the best jewelry for you is finely crafted from exceptional materials. You appreciate the finer things like diamonds and gold. But, thanks to your practical nature, you also love a bargain. That's why fine quality lab grown diamonds are perfect for you. They are a powerful symbol of your strength. Lab grown diamond jewelry has the beauty and quality you crave at a significant discount to mined diamonds. You'll take those savings to the bank while enjoying your sparkling jewelry too. Here are the best jewelry designs to spoil yourself or any Taurus you love.


Lab grown diamond necklace

Stunning Solitaire

The best Taurus jewelry is luxurious but practical. A solitaire necklace is the perfect combination of wear-everyday versatility and drop-dead gorgeous that appeals to every Taurus. You can wear it to take jeans and a t-shirt to a new level. And when you do venture out, it will add style to everything in your closet. For classic timeless elegance, choose a round one-carat lab grown diamond necklace. It will never go out of fashion so it's a great investment. And the sleek bezel setting will never catch on your cashmere sweaters.


Emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace

Art Deco Elegance

Jazzy geometry and sparkling skyscrapers. Dancing until dawn. What could be more luxurious than Art Deco? The sophisticated style legacy of Deco design has lasted a century and will no doubt continue a century more. Evoke the elegance of Art Deco with an emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace. Its long flashing facets are worthy of the Roaring Twenties of yesterday and today. You'll feel like Daisy in The Great Gatsby every time you wear it.


Bezel lab grown diamond stud earring

Sleek Studs

Timeless stud earrings are the kind of investment dressing that every Taurus craves. They are an everyday extravagance that will make you always feel your best, even if you are lounging around in sweatpants. What could be better than classic diamond stud earrings? Classic lab grown diamond stud earrings with a bezel setting. They are as comfortable as they are chic. You can swaddle yourself in silk scarves and not worry about them snagging on any prongs.


Lab grown diamond friendship bracelet

Wrist Watch

Taurus isn't the sportiest sign: you'll choose an afternoon at the spa rather than on the court every time. But a diamond tennis bracelet is something you can definitely appreciate. The sight of it sparkling on your wrist in the sun will always delight you. And a tennis bracelet is even better when it's designed to be so comfortable that you'll forget you have it on. The sliding clasp and slinky chain back on this lab grown diamond friendship bracelet keeps it effortlessly in place with the diamonds right where you can admire them.


Lab grown diamond huggies

Shop the Drop

Practical Taurus looks for jewelry that's really versatile. So tailored hoop earrings that are also glamorous drop earrings? How perfect is that? Sleek gold huggie hoop earrings come alive with dangling lab grown diamond drops. You can wear them to be really polished at work or to be really brilliant for a night out. And these lab grown diamond hoops are comfortable enough to wear them for a night in as well. They are especially dazzling by candlelight.


2 carat lab grown diamond engagement ring

The One for You

As a born romantic, Taurus loves deeply and forever. That's why you deserve the engagement ring of your dreams. A breathtaking two-carat lab grown diamond engagement ring is the perfect way to symbolize the love of your life. With exceptional quality certified by an independent diamond grading lab, fine lab grown diamond is cut to sparkle with brilliance and fire that will draw every eye in the room. And it's practical too because it looks exactly the same as a mined diamond of the same quality for a fraction of the cost. Look for a style with classic staying power, like a lab grown diamond solitaire engagement ring or lab grown diamond three stone ring. These styles will stand the test of time brilliantly, just like your love.