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The Best Jewelry Gifts Under $500

Timeless style. Beautiful brilliance. Enduring craftsmanship. One of the reasons why fine jewelry is at the top of her wish list this year (and every year) is that it never goes out of style, never fades and never wears out. What other gift sparkles for decades just as beautiful as when you received it? Jewelry can even be passed down and enjoyed by the next generation too. And every time she admires those earrings in the mirror or clasps that necklace around her neck, she’ll think of you.

Why wouldn’t you always give something with such lasting beauty? Of course, fine jewelry can sometimes be expensive. But today, thanks to the innovation of lab-grown diamonds, true brilliance has never been more affordable. In fact, you can give her gorgeous luxurious lab-grown diamond jewelry for less than $500. At Brilliant Carbon, our lab grown diamonds are created using renewable energy so they are sustainable too.

Here are the best fine jewelry gift ideas under $500, all featuring sustainably-grown diamonds that are beautiful inside and out.


Lab grown diamond necklace

Such a Stunning Solitaire

There’s nothing as versatile as a classic solitaire necklace. From Liz Taylor to Taylor Swift, the world’s most beautiful and successful women wear this delicate but dazzling accent with everything from red-carpet gowns to football jerseys. The most timeless version of this style is a floating round brilliant held in a slim bezel on a barely-there chain that nestles near the hollow of the throat. The Vega lab grown diamond necklace with a half-carat size lab grown diamond makes a breathtaking gift. And, even better, this refined and elegant design fits in your budget. Trust us, this necklace looks much more expensive!

Lab grown diamond stud earrings

What's More Timeless Than Studs?

The earrings she’s always wanted are now less than you might expect. You could wear brilliant lab-grown diamond stud earrings every day for the rest of your life and always be well-dressed. They are the definition of timeless chic, worn by the royal family and Desperate Housewives alike. Half-carat stud earrings are delicate and understated, perfect for layering. They are a perfect gift under $500. And if she’s always wanted one-carat stud earrings or two-carat stud earrings, they’ve never been more affordable thanks to lab-grown diamonds. It’s the perfect time to pull the trigger on her forever earrings.

Lab grown diamond necklaces

A Touch of Art Deco Elegance

If she’s a style icon and a trendsetter, give her a sophisticated twist on a classic: a solitaire necklace with an emerald-cut lab grown diamond instead of a round. Our viral emerald-cut lab grown diamond necklace has the gorgeous gem set east-west instead of vertically for extra impact. It’s the kind of small surprise that makes this necklace our best-selling style. (Or if you love the skyscraper vibes of a vertical emerald cut, you might prefer a classic emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace.) They are lovely to layer with other necklaces for her own signature #neckmess. The mesmerizing reflections of the glamorous emerald cut never get old. Give this gorgeous necklace to anyone who appreciates Art Deco elegance.


Lab grown diamond stack rings

Get Some Vintage Inspiration

Does she have a collection of slim stackable rings that she wears in different combinations? Does she have a classic solitaire engagement ring or eternity ring that she enjoys? Then she’ll love another stackable band with delicate heirloom-inspired details. The texture of the brilliant lab grown diamond Voyager Ring elevates any ring stack. It looks like a vintage ring you found in an antique market in Paris. Somehow all this sparkle and character is just $299.

Oval lab grown diamond necklace

Admire Some Graceful Curves

With oval shape diamonds a favorite in engagement rings, it's not surprising that the oval is having a moment in necklaces too. That's why an oval lab grown diamond necklace makes such a gorgeous gift. The east-west style setting of the Sirius Oval Necklace makes it current. The graceful curves of the oval shape make it timeless too. At Brilliant Carbon, our oval lab-grown diamonds are exquisitely faceted to sparkle with brilliance. And because oval shape diamonds look larger than round brilliant diamonds of the same carat weight, even a smaller oval makes a beautiful statement in a simple solitaire setting.

 Lab grown diamond stack rings

Streamline Her Style

Is her style inspiration the clean lines and refined silhouettes of midcentury modern? The sleek and minimalist Vega Band is the perfect stackable ring to add streamlined style to everything she wears. The protective and smooth bezel setting makes this ring comfortable and the sparkling lab-grown diamonds stay secure even if she works with her hands. Every time she glances down at her fingers, she’ll think of you.


Pear lab grown diamond necklace

Drop a Little Drama

One gorgeous pear shape lab grown diamond glistens like a dazzling raindrop forever poised in the light. Replace the round brilliant in a traditional solitaire necklace and the whole vibe changes. It’s an instantly classic variation on the traditional solitaire necklace that’s a little extra. Give a pear lab grown diamond necklace to your favorite diva to express your undying love and she’ll passionately adore it forever.


Lab grown diamond drop earrings

Drops of Glamour

Some women, like Meghan Markle, love the polish of on-the ear stud earrings. Others, like Kate Middleton, prefer tailored drop earrings. If she prefers drops to studs, the Sirius Drop Earrings are a thoughtful gift. They have all the versatility and ease of studs but hang comfortably below the earlobe, allowing them to pivot away from phones or earbuds. Dropping below the ear also makes them a bit more glamorous without making them less classic. A half carat of beautiful lab-grown diamonds add brilliance. It’s a great gift for $449. (And if your budget has a bit of stretch, they are also quite lovely in larger carat sizes.) And because she can wear them every day, they’ll be a constant reminder of how much you care.


Halo Lab grown diamond necklace

Get Into the Details

Like embroidery on a skirt or touch of lace on a top, the little embellishments on what we wear elevate our style. A halo necklace takes the classic solitaire silhouette and adds delicate detailing. A sparkling circle of pave embraces the center stone on a ring of fire, giving the necklace a subtle vintage look. (And the halo also makes the center stone look larger too: win-win.) Give a lab grown diamond halo necklace to someone who appreciates the character of antiques.


Princess lab grown diamond necklace

Square the Circle

If the one you love likes to zag when others zig, she’ll love the idea of a classic solitaire necklace that isn’t quite so classic. Square the circle with a princess cut lab grown diamond necklace. Necklaces do make the perfect gift. They’re always the right size and they never go out of style. And with its distinctive square shape and four sharp corners, princess cuts have geometric flair. They are undeniably different and a little bit cool, just like she is. And, of course, you too because you always find the perfect gift.