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The Best Romantic Gift Ideas That Aren’t Jewelry

The lights are twinkling, the music is inspiring and there’s lots of cozy cuddling in front of the fireplace. There’s nothing like the holidays for romance. Show how much she means to you with a romantic holiday gift that makes her heart beat faster. Of course, diamond jewelry is the obvious choice. It lasts as long as love, it expresses your devotion and commitment and there’s literally no one who doesn’t love wearing it. Too many diamonds? That’s just not possible! And now with the availability of lab grown diamonds, buying her the jewelry of her dreams is more affordable than ever before. But if you are looking for an alternative, are there gifts that are as romantic as lab grown diamonds? Of course! Here are our picks for the most romantic gifts that are not jewelry.

 Romantic Getaway

A Romantic Getaway

Sweep her off her feet with a trip to Paris or a tropical island. Time away together for just you two is undeniably romantic. What makes it a gift is if you surprise her with a trip you planned yourself. First of all, you need plane tickets to your romantic destination. Then book the perfect luxury hotel or Airbnb to spoil her with luxury. Make some restaurant reservations and plans for where to go and what to do each day to make the trip memorable. Bonus points if you arrange to have the champagne on ice when you arrive. Of course, planning a romantic getaway and perfecting every detail is a lot of work but it will be worth it! Or you can save money and get her two-carat lab grown diamond stud earrings with stunning one-carat lab grown diamonds for each ear. She may squeal when she opens the box. The choice is yours!


A Year of Flowers or a Lifetime of Sparkle

A Year of Flowers

Imagine a gift that continues giving for an entire year! Fresh flowers are always romantic and a subscription symbolizes that you are always thinking of her. Subscriptions are about $55-$75 per month, depending on the service. That’s about $700 a year. Of course, at the end of the year, what’s left is basically compost. Flowers sadly do eventually fade. If you want to save money, you could get her a stunning half-carat lab grown diamond necklace. It will be just as brilliant for decades to come, a sparkling symbol of forever.


Lab grown diamond engagement ring

The Story of Us

This romantic gift really lets you unleash your creativity. Use a photo book printing service to create a custom photo book that tells the story of your relationship, illustrated with photos from over the years your relationship has grown. You can also scan love notes, ticket stubs, plane tickets and other memorabilia. You can fill every page with your memories and emotions from that time. She’ll treasure every page. Of course, your story isn’t over yet! You will have many years and pages to fill in the future too. So, for now, you can give her a dazzling lab grown diamond celebration ring that she can wear alone or stack with her engagement ring and wedding band. Like the photo book, her ring stack celebrates moments to remember forever.


Handbag or jewelry?

In the Bag

One of the most popular luxury purchases is a luxury handbag, like a Louis Vuitton bag. This status collectible is impressive, adorned with coveted brand logos. It makes a statement that she’s arrived. Choosing just the right brand and silhouette shows that you understand her taste and the fashion moment. The right handbag is pricey of course, but it will last for seasons to come and can be worn with everything. Or you could save money and buy her this stunning one-carat lab grown diamond necklace for less than $1000. That necklace will last for generations to come and always be in fashion.


Lab grown diamond engagement rings

Personalized Scavenger Hunt

For a romantic gift she’ll remember forever, create a personal scavenger hunt, with clues that celebrate important moments in your relationship: your favorite restaurant, locations of dates, and significant personal locations. An app like Goosechase or Let’s Roam can help you create a fun interactive experience with photo challenges too. Of course, a scavenger hunt is even more fun if there’s a surprise waiting at the end. Perhaps something sparkling in a small package like a lab grown diamond friendship bracelet that will help her remember this moment forever? Or is this the perfect romantic moment to propose? A gorgeous two-carat lab grown diamond engagement ring is a guaranteed yes.