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The Best Wedding Jewelry for the Bride

Your wedding day is your time to shine in the spotlight. All eyes are on the bride from the moment you make your entrance. Once you've said yes to the dress, it's time to add the finishing touches to your ensemble. No wedding day look is complete without fabulous bridal jewelry. Your engagement ring shouldn't be the only gorgeous sparkle you wear on your big day.

This year, clean, classic styling with diamonds is trending for brides. The best bridal jewelry enhances your beauty without distracting from you. The right jewelry makes any wedding day look more glamorous too. It adds personality and polish to your gown, whether it's traditional or modern. Of course, you never need a special occasion to treat yourself to "something new," but this occasion in particular calls for something special to mark the moment. Delicate lab grown diamond jewelry is the most popular choice because it matches the color of the dress and sparkles beautifully in photos and videos. It also is the perfect balance of quality and value. Although lab grown diamonds look identical to mined diamonds, they are significantly more affordable, so you can stay within your wedding budget.

And lab grown diamonds add positive energy to your special day. That's because lab grown diamonds from socially conscious retailers like Brilliant Carbon are sustainably grown and carbon neutral. Produced using wind and solar power, they contribute to a brighter future for all. Brilliant Carbon also makes a 1% donation on all purchases to make the world a better place.

You know what will make your feel confident and beautiful so let that guide you when it comes time to select your wedding day jewelry. Will you wear your hair up or leave it loose? Are you planning to wear a veil or headpiece? Also consider your jewelry personality. If you wear studs every day, this isn't time to wear a huge chandelier earring. Instead, take your usual silhouette and elevate it. Next, consider your dress and complement its lines and details. For example, short sleeves call out for bracelets. For a strapless dress, find a necklace or pair of drop earrings to enhance its silhouette. if your dress has a high neckline, focus your attention on finding on-the-ear earrings.

Trends are going to come and go, but your wedding photos last forever. No matter what silhouette you choose, look for something that will last long after you've drank the champagne and cut the cake. Investing in a timeless piece of lab grown diamond jewelry is a beautiful way to keep the memory of your wedding day sparkling for decades to come. While your wedding dress is meant to wear once in a lifetime, you can wear your wedding day lab diamond jewelry every day from this day forward. Here are the best timeless and stunning lab diamond jewelry pieces worthy of holding all the happiness, memories and emotions of your big day.


Lab diamond stud earrings

Sparkling Studs

The traditional wedding day earring choice is the classic diamond stud earring. This jewelry wardrobe essential is popular for a reason: it's so timeless it will look just as flattering and appropriate during your fiftieth anniversary celebration. Sparkling lab diamond studs are the perfect complement to classic gowns, minimalist gowns and beach and country wedding celebrations. They work with any hairstyle but are especially flattering with updos and short haircuts. Today more brides are choosing larger carat weight  studs, thanks to the affordability of lab grown diamonds. One or two carat lab diamond studs will light up your face without distracting from your smile.


Lab diamond necklace

Playing Solitaire

There is no better way to enhance the neckline of a picture-perfect wedding dress than with a stunning necklace. A strand of white cultured pearls is a traditional touch, symbolizing the purity of the bride. But a diamond necklace is another popular choice, symbolizing enduring love. Stylists often advise choosing a necklace that follows the neckline of your dress. For example, pair a pendant with a V-neck or a choker with a round neckline. Strapless will work with any necklace silhouette. The necklace should sit on your skin rather than on the dress. We think a lab grown diamond solitaire necklace is a great choice for most brides because it can be dressed up or down and worn every day to come. Trust us: With all the use you'll get out of a timeless solitaire pendant, it definitely will be worth splurging on your dream necklace.


Lab diamond drop earrings

Hot Drops

If your favorite earring silhouette is a drop, there are lots of sparkling lab grown diamond drop earring styles to choose from. We especially love lab grown diamond drop earrings covered in pave for delicate detailing and sparkle from every angle. A silhouette that drops just below the ear is dramatic, flattering and classic, without catching on your dress or veil. Look for movement that will move and flash with brilliance in the spotlight during your first dance. Your earrings will be captured in every close up, so you should love them enough to have them framed on your bedside table. A dazzling pair of lab-grown diamond drop earrings will make every day you wear them a special occasion.


Oval lab diamond necklace

A Cut Above

Add a unique twist to your wedding day necklace with an unusual diamond cut. The classic solitaire necklace is even more covetable with a fancy shape lab grown diamond. It adds extra personality to a timeless design. If you're in love with your oval, princess or emerald cut engagement ring, a complementary necklace set with the same fancy shape celebrates its unique beauty. The elegance of an oval lab diamond necklace. The sophistication of an emerald cut lab diamond necklace. The geometry of a princess lab diamond necklace. (And if you've always wanted a diamond cut that isn't featured in your engagement ring, make it yours at last in necklace form.) You'll relive the joy of your wedding every time you wear it.


Lab diamond friendship bracelet

Friends Forever

Some brides wear gloves with their gowns. We definitely prefer diamond bracelets instead. There’s simply no better way to show off a gorgeous bouquet than with a wrist wrapped in sparkle. You can choose an all-the-way around the wrist lab grown diamond tennis bracelet, which will add sparkle to date nights for decades to come. Or you can choose a lab diamond friendship bracelet to celebrate marrying your best friend. Either way, you'll remember this moment forever.