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The Five Most Popular Lab Diamond Jewelry Styles

Lab grown diamonds are in the news lately, from the red carpet of the Met Gala to the drop in sales for the natural diamond industry. With lab grown diamond prices more attractive than ever before, you may be interested in adding some lab grown diamonds to your jewelry box too. You are not alone. Wondering which must-have piece you should add to your jewelry wardrobe first? Consumers across the country are turning to lab diamonds for the kind of timeless classic fine jewelry designs that are wearable every day for every occasion. Here are the five most popular lab diamond jewelry styles. One of these is the perfect way to add some sparkle to every day.


Lab diamond engagement ring

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

When lab diamonds first became widely available about five years ago, most jewelers assumed that they would be popular for fashion jewelry. But consumers had other ideas. In fact, the most popular lab grown diamond jewelry style is lab diamond engagement rings. It's easy to see why. Lab diamonds are now available in fine colors and clarities in large carat weights at remarkably affordable prices.

That's because the price per carat of lab grown diamonds doesn't increase as much in larger sizes. That allows couples to afford a fine quality one carat lab diamond engagement ring or even a two carat lab diamond engagement ring for less than would have to spend to afford a one carat mined-diamond ring. If you've always wanted a big beautiful engagement ring, now it's within reach at last.

According to a recent survey of recently married couples by The Knot, many couples today choose a lab-grown engagement ring. In fact, 46% of rings had lab grown center stones in 2023, compared to just 12% as recently as 2019. And it’s not just about saving money: sustainability and responsible sourcing are important too. Roughly one in three couples say having a lab-grown stone is important to them.

As a result of the availability and affordability of lab diamonds, the trend in engagement rings is changing too. The average engagement ring carat size has increased every year for the past two years and is now 1.6 carats. One in three engagement rings is two carats or more. Instead of styles like halo engagement rings and pave engagement rings where many small diamonds surround the center stone, making it look larger and brighter, simple single-stone solitaire lab diamond engagement ring styles are becoming more popular. That's because they are gorgeous enough to shine in the spotlight without extra adornment.


Lab diamond stud earrings

Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

The second most popular lab-grown diamond design is the simplest of all: lab diamond stud earrings. This classic diamond earring style has been in fashion for more than a century and will no doubt be just as popular a century from now. Flattering on men and women, young and old, trendy and timeless, lab diamond stud earrings are having a moment. If you've ever shopped for studs, you know why. Because significant stud earrings feature two significant diamonds, they've long been about twice as much as an engagement ring, putting these earrings out of reach for many consumers. Now, thanks to lab grown diamonds, you can afford the studs you've always wanted. Our customers are choosing one carat lab diamond studs, with a half-carat for each ear, or two carat lab diamond studs with a carat for each ear. (We even sell a lot of three-carat lab diamond studs and four carat lab diamond studs.) With all this brilliance, your new lab diamond studs will dazzle from day to night.


Lab diamond necklace

Lab Diamond Solitaire Necklaces

One spotlight of brilliance on your neck, shining and catching the light. The solitaire necklace is simultaneously delicate and dazzling, with a timeless style that you can dress up or down. Perfect with a t-shirt and jeans. Polished for work. Gorgeous for a wedding or dancing until dawn on a memorable night out. Your lab diamond necklace will quickly become your signature. Pick your favorite diamond shape and color of gold to add your own style. Go classic with a floating lab diamond necklace with a round brilliant lab diamond in a sleek bezel. Or add an edge with an east-west emerald cut lab diamond necklace. Match your engagement ring with an elegant oval lab diamond necklace. Choose a one-carat size to make a statement that's still wearable every day.


Lab diamond wedding ring

Lab Diamond Celebration Rings

Mark a moment forever with a brilliant lab diamond band. Say "I do" in sparkling style. Celebrate an anniversary or the birth of a child in an unforgettable way. Commemorate a milestone like a birthday or promotion. Or make a promise to yourself that you'll keep forever. A brilliant lab diamond stackable band is an unforgettable way to keep a memory at your fingertips. Adorn your left hand or right hand, stack with other rings or wear it solo. We love a slim but extra sparkly ring that stacks beautifully, like this one-carat lab diamond band, for maximum styling options. You'll have space to celebrate brilliantly again soon.


Lab diamond friendship bracelet

Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The star of any arm party is a fabulous diamond bracelet. Delicate enough for a sundress and bold enough to stack with a watch or Cartier Love Bracelet, a lab diamond tennis bracelet is a wardrobe staple. We especially love the casual-but-fancy vibe of a one carat lab diamond friendship bracelet with a sliding bolo clasp that keeps it snug to your wrist. It says "best friends forever" in the most memorable way possible. And its relaxed style means it's just as home at a BBQ or a stadium show as it is on date night. Just like every one of the five must-have lab diamond jewelry styles on this list, it's a jewelry wardrobe MVP you'll be wearing regularly for decades to come.