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The Top 7 Engagement Ring Trends of 2023

Is 2023 the year you’ll get engaged? The new year is a great time to take the next step in your relationship. Romance is definitely in the air: a recent OnePoll survey of 2,000 women in relationships found that one in three say that they are ready to get engaged to their partners. If you are ready to take the leap and tie the knot, finding the perfect engagement ring is a must. Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal or picking out the ring together, you’re definitely looking for a ring that represents your love perfectly. The best engagement rings are timeless but modern. From the gem to the metal to the styling, the number of choices can sometimes seem overwhelming. To get you started here are the seven top trends in engagement rings for 2023.


Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Made, Not Mined

Because your engagement ring should reflect your values and priorities, more and more couples are choosing lab grown diamond engagement rings. In fact, a recent survey found that one third of engagement rings in 2022 were set with lab grown gems and we’re expecting this trend to continue to pick up momentum in 2023. There are three reasons why. First, lab-grown engagement rings are often better for the environment than mined diamonds. If this is important to you, make sure you look for lab-created diamonds grown by Sustainability Rated Producers. At Brilliant Carbon we are proud to offer lab-grown diamonds that are certified as climate neutral in all our jewelry. Second, lab-grown diamonds are cost less than mined diamonds so you can afford to upgrade. Your budget has room for more carats: a two-carat engagement ring is no longer a crazy five-figure dream. And you can also upgrade the quality too. Basically, choosing lab-grown diamonds mean your dream engagement ring is now within reach. Third, lab-grown diamonds are the same as mined diamonds in every way but origin and price. They have the exact same beauty, lasting durability, sparkle and brilliance as mined diamonds. Even gemologists need special equipment to tell the difference between lab grown and mined diamonds. So, your lab grown engagement ring will have the exact same beauty as a mined diamond ring that costs twice as much.


Oval Engagement Ring

Elegant Ovals

Whether or not they choose lab grown diamonds or mined diamonds for their engagement ring, most couples are choosing fancy shape diamonds instead of rounds to give their ring a unique custom look. The most popular fancy shape diamond in 2023 will undoubtedly be the oval: elegant yet classic, with an elongated silhouette that lengthens your finger. Recent celebrities who wear oval engagement rings like Simone Biles, Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin have put this shape even more in the spotlight. Want something even more unusual? Try a shape that combines curves and points: a pear shape diamond like Adele and Margot Robbie or the double-pointed marquise like Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta Jones.


Three Stone Engagement Ring

Sparkle Times Three

Maybe it’s all the time Meghan Markle and her engagement ring have been in the spotlight lately but three-stone engagement rings like hers are trending again. The three stone style has a hidden romantic symbolism: the three stones stand for your love in the past, present and future. And that heartfelt message comes with plenty of sparkle too. The three stone silhouette covers your finger in brilliance more than any other style. It’s the style for you if you love sparkle (and honestly who doesn’t?)


Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Golden Glow

Metal color is a personal choice, of course. But we’re definitely seeing a warming trend. Sunny yellow gold engagement rings look fresh and chic after decades of all-white rings. The warm color flatters your finder and your diamonds. In fact, the contrast between the warm metal and the icy gem makes diamonds look whiter and brighter. In fact, you can choose a more affordable warmer toned diamond and it will still look white and bright in a yellow gold ring setting.


Toi et Moi Engagement Rings

You and Me Forever

What might have seemed like a fad last year is still going strong. The two-stone engagement ring is still trending. No doubt high-profile engagement rings like Arianna Grande and Megan Fox have had something to do with the popularity of this unusual engagement ring silhouette but it has deep roots in romance: Napoleon gave Josephine a two stone ring, engraving it “You and Me Forever” in French: Toi et Moi Toujours.” We love the avant-garde styling of the Binary Ring. With its negative space and sparkling lab-grown diamonds it perfectly represents two souls coming together to share one life.


Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Deco Dazzlers

Not all 2023 trends are continuations of the top trends of 2022. We’re starting to see more influence from Art Deco design. Geometric styles, clean lines and emerald-cut gems are becoming more popular recently and we see this trend growing in 2023. It started with styling emerald cut necklaces but its starting to influence engagement ring style too. To channel Art Deco, choose and engagement ring with clean lines, white gold and an emerald-cut center stone like our Europa Emerald Cut Engagement Ring. You’ll be ahead of the trend for 2024.


Lab Grown Diamond Band Ring

Bold Bands

There are no rules for an engagement ring. You should wear what makes you comfortable and expresses your style, whether or not that’s a traditional design with a center diamond or something else. In addition to two-stone style statements, we’re also seeing demand for bold diamond bands. These might have the same total carat weight as a solitaire but they have a more understated style. Our Asteroid Band has 1.80 carats of lab-grown diamond brilliance to wear alone or stack.