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Three Engagement Ring Financing Options

Finding an engagement ring you love for the person you love is pretty easy at Brilliant Carbon. We want to make sure that it’s just as easy to find a way to pay for it by offering different payment and financing options. One of them is sure to be right for you. Here are the three most popular options.

Credit Cards

At Brilliant Carbon, we accept all major credit cards. This is the most common purchase method selected by most online engagement ring shoppers because it’s the easiest option. It’s discreet because the bill doesn’t arrive until the next payment cycle and it fits into most people’s lifestyles. One drawback is that credit card interest can be high when you carry a balance so it may not be the most cost-effective way to finance a purchase over time.

Affirm Financing

We also offer low-cost financing for your Brilliant Carbon purchase through Affirm. Affirm specializes in payment installment plans that show you exactly what you’ll pay and when with no surprises or hidden fees. It’s surprisingly simple to use and getting qualified doesn’t affect your credit score. You can even get a preview of the payment plan for each of our styles right on the search page so you can compare the monthly cost of each style. The cost of financing with Affirm is lower than with credit cards and the interest doesn’t compound as it does when you carry a balance on a credit card.

Here’s how financing through Affirm works. Just select the jewelry you like or create a custom ring with a diamond and setting and add it to your cart. Click the Affirm button at checkout and choose how to pay. Select the payment schedule that works for you, then confirm your loan. There are no hidden fees. You’ll generally receive your approval right away and we’ll send you your purchase right away too. Then you’ll make your easy monthly payments at or in the Affirm app. They will even send you reminder emails and texts so you never miss a payment.

Shop Pay

The easiest way to pay is Shop Pay, which is a streamlined one-and-done payment service by Shopify. Once you set it up with your information, Shop Pay keeps it safe and automatically transfers it to retailers.  No typing in numbers or remembering codes. In addition to all the credit cards, Shop Pay also allows you to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay. (Pro tip: if you have an Apple Card and you use it with Apple Pay, you can get up to 3% cash back.) Shop Pay also offers installment payment plans through Affirm.

Have any more questions about your payment options?  We’re happy to help.  Just contact the Brilliant Carbon Concierge. 


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