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Trend Report: Streamlined Bezel Settings

Sleek lines. Streamlined silhouettes. This year's most popular fine jewelry is inspired by modern art, every design refined down to its essence. Gleaming gold and sparkling gems are taking center stage, with no distracting details. That uncluttered pure silhouette is thanks to bezel settings. A bezel setting is a gemstone setting style with a solid band of gold that embraces and surrounds gems with an encircling rim of metal instead of the stone being held by claw-like prongs. These styles are strikingly contemporary, with bold and unadorned frames of gold reflecting the refined simplicity of modern design.

The bezel setting is the perfect complement to the modern marvel of lab grown diamonds. The cutting-edge crystal growing technology that's spawned our new diamond age has inspired a new emphasis on simple yet dramatic jewelry. The spotlight is on bold, large lab grown diamonds unadorned. The simple uninterrupted lines of the bezel setting let these gorgeous gems speak for themselves. Like a work of modern art, all they need is a simple frame.

Ironically, this iconic futuristic style of jewelry setting is also remarkably ancient. The bezel setting has a long history going back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, making it probably the oldest way to set gems in metal. Despite this, bezel settings never go out of style. They are a timeless design choice that can look both traditional and modern.

Bezel settings are the most secure ways to hold and protect gems. The metal collar that embraces the gem shields it from knocks and scratches. In comparison, prong settings leave your diamond much more exposed to impact and abrasions. Bezels are very sturdy. They don't require the same upkeep as more delicate settings. Prong settings can loosen over time, so they need to be inspected regularly and tightened by a goldsmith if they loosen. Prongs sometimes can catch on fabrics or knits. These small snags don't just damage your clothes, they can bend the prongs slightly, making the hold on your gem less secure. Bezels don't have this vulnerability. They are low maintenance. Because they cover more of the gem, they reduce the build up of oils and dust in the nooks and crannies around your stone.

In yellow gold jewelry designs, bezel settings emphasize the contrast between the metal and your diamond, since there is a lot more metal around the stone than in a prong-style setting. In white gold jewelry designs, the bezel visually merges with the diamond, making it look larger. Bezel settings also have some drawbacks. Because bezel settings reduce the amount of light that enters the stone from the side, you need to make sure you select only very well-cut diamonds for your bezel-set jewelry. Otherwise, your diamonds could look less brilliant. Bezel settings also generally cost more than prong settings because they require more precious metal. There is more gold in a bezel setting than a prong setting.

Because they are so durable, bezel designs are a great choice for active people. If you are a rock climber, gymnast, chef, artist or heath care professional, bezel settings ensure that your diamonds are well-protected at all times. You don't need to work with your hands to enjoy the simple lines of a bezel setting. This streamlined setting can complement a wide range of jewelry styles, from elegant to sporty.

Here are our four best-selling bezel-set lab-grown diamond jewelry designs. Wear one or all of them to enjoy the enduring style of the timeless bezel for decades to come.


Bezel lab grown diamond stud earrings

Simply Stunning

How can you make the classic diamond stud earring even better? Stunning and affordable bezel-set lab grown diamond stud earrings. The refined bezel settings make the stud earrings more wearable and more timeless. And the lab grown diamonds make them surprisingly affordable. The bezel settings won't snag on your silk scarves or catch on your cashmere turtlenecks. The golden frames embrace the lab grown diamonds seamlessly, making the earrings more substantial on your earlobes. Although you may forget you have them on, you'll sparkle effortlessly for every occasion.


Bezel lab grown diamond necklace

Streamlined Sparkle

We love the wear-everywhere solitaire necklace. It shines bright solo but also layers beautifully with other necklaces in your collection. And the bezel-set lab grown diamond necklace takes this classic style to a new level. You'll find that it quickly becomes a staple that you wear every day. Refined and simple, it can be sporty, professional, or elegant. It works with many different necklines and its smooth lines slide easily over or under fabrics. It's the one essential necklace you need to add polish to everything you wear.

Lab grown diamond bezel-set drop earrings

Dazzling Drops

If you love the neck-lengthening magic of drop earring silhouettes, bezel set drops have a secret advantage. They shine from the side as well as sparkle from the front. The Vega Drop Earrings are the perfect example of bezel-set drama for your ears. Like brilliant bubbles, lab grown diamonds in shining spheres dance in the light. They elevate any outfit but are tailored enough to go from a board meeting to a dive bar to the Oscars. You'll always feel like a star when you wear them.


Two stone lab grown diamond necklace

Take Two

We love fine jewelry that is as meaningful as it is beautiful. The lovely Vega Duo Necklace is the perfect example. First, it stuns with two total carats of lab grown diamond brilliance that's impossible to ignore. And the two gems represent two people connected for a lifetime: a couple, two spouses, two children, or mother and child. The two carats and two brilliant lab grown diamonds symbolize two together forever.