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Trending: The Power Pinkie Ring

We're all huge fans of engagement rings, of course. Who Isn't? But sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that the ring finger gets all the sparkle and shine and the other fingers are relatively unadorned. What about the other fingers? That's why the latest jewelry trend is so intriguing. Recently fashionable small fingers have been seen sporting large diamonds. That's right: the power pinkie ring has arrived.

Pinkie rings are nothing new. In fact, they are a tradition for aristocrats and commoners alike. King Charles wears a signet ring on his pinkie with the crest of the Prince of Wales, passed down from his uncle, the Duke of Windsor. He never takes it off. Princess Diana often accessorized her little finger with big rings too. Meghan Markle often wears a spiral diamond ring on her pinkie finger. Pop royalty including Rhianna and Jennifer Lopez often wear large diamond pinkie rings, usually with rings on their other fingers too.

But the latest trend was sparked by Emily Ratajkowski, who popularized the Toi et Moi two-stone engagement ring. Her new "divorce rings," separating the two gems from her engagement ring include a spectacular pinkie ring with a five-carat pear-shaped diamond. Then Hailey Bieber outdid her by moving her seven-carat oval diamond engagement ring to her pinky to make room for a new larger twelve carat oval diamond push present on her ring finger. When both stars posted images of their new pinkie rings on Instagram, the trend caught fire.


Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber wearing diamond pinkie rings

So what is the symbolism of a diamond pinkie ring? Most women wear them as a symbol of self-love, a pledge to be yourself to own your power. It's a promise to be true to yourself above all else. Your ring finger ring is for your relationship, your pinkie finger ring is for yourself.

And as Emily and Hailey have shown, wearing an engagement ring on your pinkie is a great way to still wear and enjoy an engagement ring that you no longer want to wear on your ring finger because of a broken engagement, divorce or upgrade. If you inherit an engagement ring, you can wear it along with your own engagement ring, remembering the family member who gave it to you.

While Emily wears her power pinkie ring on the same hand as a diamond ring on her ring finger, Hailey chooses to wear her two large diamonds on opposite hands. Because this style is all about personal expression, you can choose whichever fits your style best. If you wear your power pinkie on the same hand as an engagement ring, choose a size slightly smaller in carat weight than your engagement ring to keep both rings in proportion with your fingers. Choosing lab grown diamonds for your power pinkies means you can supersize the center stone without breaking your budget. We especially love a fancy shape that feels like your own unique signature. Here are a few of our favorite styles for your own power pinkie.



Pear lab diamond ring


Pretty as a Pear

Follow Emily Ratajkowski's lead and adorn your pinkie with a stunning teardrop of brilliance. A pear lab grown diamond ring is the perfect adventurous choice to show your own confidence and adventurous spirit. The Pavo Engagement Ring is named after the constellation of the peacock because it's completely ready for its time in the spotlight.


oval lab diamond ring


Oval Time

The elongated silhouette of an oval is an elegant twist on a classic. Like Hailey Bieber's pinkie ring, an oval lab grown diamond ring is an unforgettable statement. We especially love how it updates the traditional signet pinkie ring silhouette. Could you wear a traditional gold oval signet? Of course. But why not go big on the brilliance instead?


Square lab diamond ring


Square Off

We love the strong square silhouette of a princess cut pinkie ring. There's something so no-nonsense-take-charge-no-apologies about it. A square lab diamond ring is girl boss power pinkie personified.


Lab diamond band ring


Petite Band

A slim band is an effortless way to adorn your pinkie. Comfortable, almost weightless, and subtle, it adds brilliance to every day without trying too hard. Everything you wear should be this effortlessly cool.