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Which Bracelet Style Are You?

A diamond bracelet is an investment, so you definitely want to choose a style that you’ll wear a lot. If you’ve ever shopped for a diamond bracelet and then decided you’ll have to wait until you win the lottery to be able to afford the style you really want, we have good news. Lab grown diamonds are making diamond bracelets with winning style a lot more affordable. And, best of all, they look exactly the same as mined diamond bracelets. Even jewelers have to do advanced gemological testing to tell the difference. And the high quality of these man-made gems means you can now afford a bracelet that has lab grown diamonds that are engagement ring quality, not the flawed diamonds you might see in bracelet options at a chain retail store. Lab grown diamond bracelets range from petite and pretty to bold and impossible to miss. Pick your favorite color of gold or choose white gold to match the brilliance of those icy diamonds. Read on to find which lab grown bracelet style is right for you.


Lab grown diamond bolo bracelet

Delicate & Detailed

There’s a reason why solitaire necklaces are a classic: there’s something so pure and endlessly wearable about a simple pendant on a delicate chain. A thin chain bracelet with a brilliant solitaire looks just as pretty. But this style when worn as a bracelet has a big drawback. Most bracelets like this rotate around your wrist as you wear them, with the diamond falling to the bottom and the clasp ending up on top. That’s why at Brilliant Carbon we redesigned our delicate bracelets to solve this issue. The Electra Bolo Bracelet has a sliding clasp that allows you to adjust the length of your bracelet as needed so it stays snug on your wrist or layers just so with other bracelets. Best of all, the bolo tail stays at the bottom of your wrist as a counterweight. Problem solved! Every time you glance down at your wrist, you’ll see gorgeous lab grown diamonds sparkling up at you!


Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Classic & Sporty

For a bracelet to be your everyday companion, it needs to be comfortable. That means it’s just the right size to layer with other bracelets or a watch. That it’s gorgeous worn solo. That it transitions seamlessly from shorts and a t-shirt to an elegant gown. That it suits all of your many moods. What bracelet can do all of that without breaking a sweat? Enter the River of Light Bracelet. At first glance it gives off main character energy, with a line of lab grown diamonds across your wrist like a tennis bracelet. But its clever chain back and bolo clasp mean that it’s also adjustable and comfortable. It’s casual enough to be perfect layered with a Fitbit or friendship bracelet from your niece. But will also add elegance to a little black dress with your very best diamond earrings. Just like you, it’s at home everywhere and the life of every party.


Lab grown diamond tennis bracelets

Timeless & Stunning

It’s 1978. Chris Evert, America’s tennis sweetheart, is playing a match at the U.S. Open. She waves to the umpire to stop the match and runs to pick something off the court. Play resumes and Chris, with her signature two-handed backhand, wins the match. In the interview after the match, she’s asked what was on the court. She says she dropped her diamond “tennis bracelet,” and what was once a formal evening accessory instantly becomes the sporty everyday “tennis bracelet.” The timeless diamond line bracelet, the eternity band for your wrist, became the strongest bracelet trend of all time. The tennis bracelet is still going strong today and shows no sign of slowing down. The only difference is that today the diamonds are often lab grown instead of mined, putting this coveted bracelet style within reach of women across the country. Who wouldn’t want a classic lab grown diamond tennis bracelet? There’s a stye and carat weight that’s just right for you. Choose petite diamonds for a bracelet that’s subtly stunning or bigger diamonds for maximum sparkle. A tennis bracelet looks just as stylish on Chris Evert today as it did decades ago. You’ll wear it for just as long and the next generation will too.


Lab grown diamond bracelets

Dramatic & Dazzling

Sometimes you don’t want an everyday bracelet, no matter how versatile. Sometimes you want a bracelet with main character energy. A bracelet that commands attention. A bracelet that’s ready for your world premiere or the Oscars. If you are ready for your turn in the spotlight and you need a bracelet that signals that you’ve arrived, you need the Pleiades Bracelet. Four carats of brilliant high-quality lab grown diamonds across your wrist where they’ll sparkle with unearthly light. Dramatically detailed halos around each of the center stones. And the best part? This stunning statement bracelet is just as comfortable to wear as all our other bracelets, with our signature adjustable chain back with a bolo clasp so it will fit you perfectly. So throw it on and wear it to the supermarket with some shades. Someone may ask for your autograph.

Whatever your style, you can find a lab grown diamond bracelet to express it perfectly.