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Making a Difference Begins With You

We believe that jewelry should spread joy and make the world more brilliant. Doing no harm isn’t enough: we want to have a positive impact. So we’re donating 1% of your purchase to support the cause that matters most to you.

Environmental Sustainability

Protect the planet and our future by strengthening environmental sustainability, clean energy and efforts to combat the climate crisis. Your contribution will support these environmental nonprofits.

Environmental and Energy Study Institute, Friends of the Earth, The Ocean Foundation, Wild Earth Allies.

Wildlife Conservation

Protect wildlife and wild places around the world by aiding efforts to conserve habitat, stop the illegal wildlife trade, and rescue animals in need. Your contribution will support these conservation nonprofits.

Our Companions Animal Rescue, Wildlife Conservation Network, World Wildlife Fund, WildAid

COVID-19 Response Fund

Assist those affected by COVID-19 by backing relief and recovery efforts. Your contribution will support these nonprofits working to make the world more healthy and safe.

UNICEF USA, CDC Foundation, United Nations Foundation Inc., Feeding America

Choose Your Cause

Brilliant Carbon will donate 1% of your purchase to non-profits making a difference in the cause you choose. Simply select your preferred cause from the drop down menu in the cart. If you don’t make a selection, we’ll divide your contribution among all these worthy causes. Learn more about the good your contribution can do below. Together we can make the world a better place.

Fighting Hunger

Fight hunger, poverty and malnourishment in the United States and around the world by improving access to food, clean water, and safe living conditions. Your contribution will support these nonprofits working to end hunger.

Hunger Free America, Action Against Hunger USA, Feeding America, Rise Against Hunger
Photo Credit: Action Against Hunger

Fighting Racial Injustice

Protect the political, educational, social, and economic rights of all people and aid efforts to dismantle systematic racism. Your contribution will support these nonprofits working to end injustice.

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc., Campaign Zero, Equal Justice Initiative, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Improving Education

Education is a path to a better life. Help improve student resources and learning for both students and teachers to unlock the potential of every child. Your contribution supports these educational nonprofits.

All Stars Helping Kids, Great Aspirations Scholarship Program, Children Now

Giving Makes Every Day More Brilliant

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