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7 Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

Unless you are royalty, Hollywood or otherwise, you might wish that you could afford a bigger diamond for your engagement ring. Let’s face it, the size of the diamond is the first thing people notice when you announce your engagement on social media. If you are looking for truly stunning sparkle on a budget, you should know that the carat weight of the center diamond is only one factor in how big an engagement ring looks and how much it costs. Here are seven surprising ways to get a big beautiful diamond look for less.

Sustainably Grown Diamond Engagement Ring1. Get Sustainable

When it comes to diamonds today, you have a choice between diamonds that are mined from the earth and diamonds that are grown in a laboratory. Both are actual diamonds, with identical optical, chemical and physical properties. Advanced gemological testing is the only way to tell the difference. Mined diamonds are the traditional choice, since for centuries they were the only option. But diamonds made in the lab don’t require mining. At Brilliant Carbon our diamonds are sourced directly from a Sustainability Rated Producer, so you can be sure that they are sustainably grown with net zero carbon impact. And since they don’t require the immense investment of mining, lab-grown diamond engagement rings are much more affordable. That means you can afford a diamond that’s twice as big for the same price. So go ahead, supersize your engagement ring without a negative impact on your budget or the environment.

Ideal cut lab grown engagement ring

2. Go a Cut Above

A well-cut diamond returns more light to your eyes. Because what you notice about a diamond is brilliance, a brighter diamond looks bigger. To make sure you have the best possible cut, choose a cut that’s graded ideal, excellent or very good from an independent grading laboratory like IGI. These stones are so symmetrical and well-proportioned that they punch above their weight, with more sparkle per carat. At Brilliant Carbon, all our lab-grown diamonds are well cut. Even our fancy shape lab diamonds are cut to exacting standards to make sure they are brilliant and beautiful. You can be sure that every Brilliant Carbon lab-grown diamond engagement ring will sparkle in every light.

Different Shapes for Diamond Engagement Rings

3. Shape Shift

Diamonds are sold by carat weight, not size. All one-carat diamonds are the same weight. But they are not the same size! Oval shapes and pear shapes look bigger than rounds because they are wider and shallower than round brilliants. They have larger surface area. Elongated shapes also trick the eye because they seem to cover more of your finger, the way tall and thin water glasses look larger than short wide ones, even if they contain the same amount of water. And in many cases fancy shapes cost less per carat than rounds too. So you can have a larger looking diamond for less. Choose an oval lab diamond engagement ring or a pear shape lab diamond engagement ring and you’ll be surprised to see how bold and beautiful a one carat engagement ring can be.

Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

4. Add a Halo

Halo engagement ring designs have a ring of small diamonds orbiting around the center diamond. One reason why halo ring designs are so popular is that the extra ring of diamonds that surrounds the center makes it look much larger. In most cases it adds a half-carat or more to the look of your center stone. Choose a halo with larger diamonds to make an even bigger difference. With the extra detailing in small diamonds, halo engagement rings can have a romantic vintage charm. If you love embellishment, they may be the right choice for you.

Engagement Ring Wraps with Lab Diamonds5. Wrap It Up

If you already have your engagement ring and you want to make it look more dramatic, you can choose a wedding band or anniversary band to wear with your ring that will make it look larger. For example, Brilliant Carbon’s clever Supernova Bands and Radiance Bands arch over a solitaire, surrounding it with brilliance. Wear two, one above your engagement ring and one below, for twice the effect. Mix the colors of gold for even more of a custom look.

These wrap rings take the stacking trend to your engagement ring without sacrificing its classic style. Wearing these engagement ring wraps is like having your engagement ring go supernova, increasing its brilliance overnight. When you want to be more discreet, you can wear just the solitaire. Move the band to another finger for another look. It gives you more versatility, with different ways to wear your rings, when compared to a setting that’s all one piece.

Three Stone lab diamond engagement ring
6. Triple the Diamonds

A three stone engagement ring is a big look for the price. Here's why. Rather than one larger diamond, for the same budget you can choose three diamonds instead. Even if your center diamond is smaller, you can afford more carats overall. Here’s why. Diamond prices increase per carat as the sizes increase. A one-carat center diamond plus two half-carat side diamonds costs less than a single two carat diamond. And three diamonds can look bigger than one. Set a diamond on both sides of your center stone and it will instantly appear larger because the design covers more of your finger.

Affordable lab diamond engagement rings

7. All of the Above

Although each of these tips will increase the apparent size of your diamond, you can combine them for even more impact. For example, try this pear halo lab diamond engagement ring in white gold. Or this three-stone oval lab diamond engagement ring. Wear a Radiance Band with your ideal cut lab grown diamond solitaire. Whatever you choose, you’ll sparkle wherever you go.