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Creating a Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe

Why shouldn’t you wear your favorite outfit, the one that makes you feel most yourself, every day? That’s the reasoning behind the viral capsule wardrobe: an edited selection of high-quality clothing you can wear over and over again in different ways. Paring your wardrobe down to the essentials simplifies your life, organizes your closet and gives you more bang for your buck. Who doesn’t want to invest in high quality timeless pieces that last? It's a smart, stylish approach to fashion that emphasizes quality, versatility, and personal expression.

The same is true for a jewelry capsule wardrobe. Choosing a few key pieces of timeless fine jewelry that you can wear in different combinations every day means you’ll always sparkle. And because classic fine jewelry never fades, goes out of style or wears out, you can build your fine jewelry capsule wardrobe over time.

Capsule jewelry collections focus on quality not quantity. Choose timeless jewelry designs that are made to last, pieces you love that perfectly express your personal style. Classic lab grown diamond jewelry can be worn with anything you own on any occasion so it’s the perfect choice for your capsule jewelry wardrobe. Before deciding on specific pieces, choose your favorite jewelry metal. Gold will last longer than silver, which inevitably tarnishes, so if you prefer white metal, consider white gold instead. Matching the metal color of your capsule wardrobe will create a polished and cohesive look. Mixing metals is a more artistic approach. Combining pieces you don't normally wear together can make things feel fresh.

Every jewelry capsule should start with the basics: earrings, necklace, bracelet, and a ring, pieces that can be worn together or by themselves, depending on how bold you want to be. The key to any jewelry capsule is knowing how to style, stack and layer your jewelry pieces. This guide to creating your own jewelry capsule wardrobe will help you curate a jewelry collection of timeless pieces that will complement your own style. Here are the five most popular styles in most jewelry capsule wardrobes.


Lab grown diamond stud earrings

Essential #1: Stud Earrings

Earrings are a great place to start when you're building your jewelry capsule wardrobe. For the last century, the most essential earring has been diamond studs. Lab grown diamond stud earrings are suitable for every day. They add a subtle brilliance to any outfit and they are also comfortable enough to wear with anything, all day long. Studs are perfect for occasions when you want to look put together but not overly dressed up. They are perfect to wear to the gym, lounging at home or running errands.

Studs are easy to style, simple, and come in a variety of options. Yellow, white or rose 14k gold is the best choice for studs because it securely holds the stones in place. You can choose four prong lab grown diamond studs, which are more substantial, three-prong lab grown diamond studs which sit closer to your skin, or bezel set lab diamond studs, which have a sleek modern look. The lab grown diamonds don’t have to be round: square princess cut lab grown diamond stud earrings are particularly popular. Choose the variation that you would love to wear every day for the rest of your life (because that actually might happen.)


Lab grown diamond necklace

Essential #2: Solitaire Necklace

A simple necklace can easily elevate any outfit. The perfect necklace for your jewelry capsule wardrobe is versatile and pairs well with a lot of different necklines. Few necklace designs are as timeless and versatile as a lab-grown diamond solitaire necklace. A single lab grown diamond on a 14k solid gold chain is the epitome of elegance yet subtle enough for daily wear.

There are numerous variations of this classic design to choose from. A bezel-set lab grown diamond solitaire necklace is a sleek, modern version. Try a fancy shape lab grown diamond for a unique signature look. Emerald cuts and ovals are particularly stylish with their elongated silhouettes. For example, you can choose a traditional north-south emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace or a twist on the classic: an east-west emerald cut lab diamond necklace. Your solitaire necklace is easy to layer with other necklaces for your own signature look. Wear an 18-inch solitaire necklace with a thicker 16-inch or 20-inch gold chain for extra styling versatility.


Lab grown diamond hoop earrings

Essential #3: Hoop Earrings

Like rings, hoop earrings have a timeless circular silhouette that symbolizes eternity. Hoops are one of the rare classic designs that can also be trendy. Large hoop earring silhouettes come and go in and out of fashion. But small hoop earrings are timeless: polished and professional and yet a bit more fun than studs. You may end up with several pairs of hoops in your jewelry wardrobe but you should definitely invest in small gold hoops. For extra versatility, consider a pair of small gold hoops with dangling lab grown diamonds, a clever combination that makes them simultaneously more dressy and more fun. Later, you can add a pair of large plain gold hoops and perhaps an edgy silver hoop.


Lab grown diamond stack rings

Essential #4: Stacking Rings

Whether or not you wear an engagement ring, the rings in your jewelry capsule wardrobe should be flexible enough to work well with one. Bold right hand-rings are fun but the most essential ring style is a lab grown diamond stacking ring. You can wear it alone, with rings on other fingers or stacked with an engagement ring, other solitaire, or other stacking rings, on either hand. You’ll undoubtedly have several stacking rings in your capsule wardrobe since they are so versatile. If we had to choose one to start, we’d choose a slim lab grown diamond band. It will add brilliance to everything you wear. It’s also the perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday, an anniversary or the birth of a child.


Lab grown diamond friendship bracelet

Essential #5: Tennis Bracelet

Diamond bracelets have long been an extravagance. Although they never go out of style, they can be pricey. The classic tennis bracelet has many carats of diamonds wrapping all the way around your wrist. A more accessible option is a bracelet with diamonds only part way around your wrist. That’s why we love the lab grown diamond friendship bracelet silhouette. This modern update to the tennis bracelet has lab-grown diamonds on top and a chain back, with a sliding bolo type clasp that can be adjusted to keep the bracelet snug on your wrist and the lab-grown diamonds on top where you can see them. It also has a younger more casual vibe, more Taylor Swift concert than charity ball. It’s easy to layer and stack with other bracelets and a watch so if someday you decide to invest in that Cartier Love bangle, it will be a great complement. It's all about starting with a solid base you love and then building a collection over time.

Build Your Capsule Over Time

A capsule collection is supposed to make your life easier, not harder, so don't feel like you need to fill your jewelry box all at once. Finding your personal style is an individual process, so your capsule will inevitably look different from everyone else's. However, quality, versatility, personal style, and what's already in your collection are always good points to keep in mind. And when all else fails, go back to basics with solitaires and stackables. They're classics for a reason.

Taking good care of your jewelry collection will keep it looking great for decades to come. Every month, clean your jewelry capsule wardrobe by soaking it in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Use a soft brush behind the gems where dust can collect. Store pieces separately so your diamonds don’t scratch the metal. With just a little effort, your jewelry collection will be treasured by generations to come.