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Emerald Cut Diamonds: A May Birthstone Option

Jewelers constantly hear complaints from people who say they dislike their birthstones. (We're looking at you, August peridot.) You know who never does this? People born in April. Diamonds are just so easy to love. April's birthstone sparkles with brilliance and goes with everything. April babies are lucky and they know it.

People born in May also have a beautiful birthstone in emerald. But that lush green color isn't something that everyone wants to wear every day. That's why more and more people born in May are embracing a different take on their birthstone. Why not honor your birth month with a cut rather than a gem variety? Emerald cut diamonds are a gorgeous tribute to emerald birthstones that are more durable, wearable and versatile. Birthstones are for you: amulets that symbolize your identity and power and remind you of who you are and what's most important to you. You can choose to honor that tradition your way: what's important is what that gem means to you.


Emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace

You may find yourself drawn to the unusual reflection pattern of emerald cut diamonds. What gives the emerald cut its distinctive geometry? Long rectangular facets reflect bright patches of light. These large reflections have a different rhythm than the than small triangular reflections of round diamond cuts. The optical illusion of emerald cuts is called the hall of mirrors effect: the facets reflect each other across the pavilion of the stone. When you turn the diamond, you’ll see the entire gem flash with light. Wearing an emerald cut engagement ring is like having a mini light show on your finger. You'll find yourself tilting it to catch beams of brilliance and fire.

It's no secret that emerald cut diamond jewelry is also famously chic. Some of the world's most beautiful and strong women wear emerald-cut engagement rings. Beyonce. Amal Clooney. Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Lawrence. Anne Hathaway. For starters. (Not to mention Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy.) Emerald cut diamonds are a little more sophisticated and subtle than standard round brilliant cuts. They have a strong presence that suits powerful and accomplished women of style and substance.

Emerald cuts have a longer history than round brilliant cuts. The history of the emerald cut starts in the 14th century with the table cut, the earliest faceted diamond shape. Basically, the table cut was a diamond octahedral crystal with the top cut away. Over time, stepped facets were added around the stone to reflect more light back to the eyes as brilliance. The cut corners were added to the shape for cutting emeralds, which often chipped at the corners. The cut was soon named the emerald cut in their honor. The beveled rectangular step cut suits the natural elongated shape of emerald crystals so well that most emeralds are cut in this shape. Refined over the centuries, emerald cuts were very popular in Art Deco jewelry designs in the 1920s. The modern elongated diamond emerald cut with 58 facets was created in the 1940s.


Emerald cut lab grown diamond necklaces

Every diamond cut has pros and cons. The pros for the emerald cut are that it is relatively shallow so looks larger than round brilliant cuts. Its larger facets have a beautiful symmetry that creates large flashes of brilliance and fire. Its octagonal shape is also very durable. The drawbacks to emerald cuts? If your diamond has a lot of inclusions, this cut makes those inclusions more visible than they would be in a cut with smaller facets. The large facets of emerald cuts put flaws in a spotlight. Emerald cuts also concentrate body color, which is great for emeralds but not as good for diamonds. The tint of lower color-grade emerald cut diamonds is more visible than in cuts with smaller facets. The good news is that choosing an emerald cut lab grown diamond means that you can afford the very best clarity and color so that your emerald cut is icy perfection.

With a diamond that beautiful, you'll want to wear it all the time. The best emerald cut lab grown diamond jewelry is one that you can wear every day, everywhere you go with everything in your closet. Choose a style in durable gold that's classic and timeless so you can enjoy your emerald cut diamond jewelry for decades to come.

That's why the most popular style for emerald cut birthstone jewelry is an emerald cut solitaire necklace. Solitaire necklaces are a classic wear-everywhere style. They can be worn solo or layered with a chain or other necklaces to change up your daily look. Unlike a traditional round brilliant solitaire necklace, the bright reflections of the emerald cut add an elegant counterpoint to the simplicity of the solitaire necklace design. You can't help but notice it. For an extra flourish, consider an emerald cut lab grown diamond necklace with the cut set horizontally. This gives this style an unexpected modern edge.


Emerald cut lab grown diamond engagement ring

Emerald cut lab grown diamond engagement rings are a distinctive choice no matter what month you are born in. With such a dramatic center stone, even a simple ring style stands out from the crowd of round engagement rings. But if you or your partner were born in May, an emerald cut engagement rings has extra significance. Choose a simple solitaire or a lab grown diamond emerald cut engagement ring with a pave band that adds sparkle all the way across your finger. Everyone will see how beautiful your ring is but only you two will understand the significance. It's the best of both worlds: a gorgeous lab grown diamond ring with a secret message that only the two of you understand.