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Solitaire Engagement Rings: A Buying Guide

One love, one life, one diamond. There’s a reason why the engagement ring emoji is a classic solitaire engagement ring. The simple elegance of the solitaire engagement ring is as timeless as it is meaningful. Refined down to the essentials, solitaire engagement rings put a spotlight on one stunning stone. For most couples, that stone is a diamond. And this year, for half of couples, that diamond is grown in a laboratory.

There are three reasons why more couples every year choose lab grown diamond engagement rings instead of mined diamond engagement rings. The first is that the affordability of lab grown diamonds lets them choose a larger carat size center stone. According to a survey by The Knot, 25% of couples now choose a two carat center stone. The second reason is that couples can choose a higher quality lab grown diamonds for less money than a lower quality mined diamond. The third reason is that lab grown diamonds can be carbon neutral and responsibly sourced, with a transparent and ethical supply chain. Buying from a company like Brilliant Carbon means you can be confident that your lab diamonds are sustainably grown using renewable energy. Bigger, better and greener: these are all great reasons to choose lab grown diamonds for your solitaire engagement ring.

There are many practical reasons for choosing a solitaire engagement ring too. Solitaire engagement rings have fewer small nooks so they are easier to keep clean and sparkling. That makes them an especially good choice for active people who work with their hands cooking, gardening, renovating, or creating arts and crafts. Streamlined solitaire settings are more affordable than intricate multistone ring designs too, so more of your budget can go into a spectacular center stone.

Although most solitaire engagement rings are simple by design, that doesn’t mean that they are all the same. You have a lot of options when it comes to your solitaire engagement ring. Here are the most popular solitaire engagement ring styles for 2024 and beyond.


White gold lab grown diamond engagement rings

White Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings

White gold solitaire engagement rings are the world’s most popular engagement ring style. The epitome of quiet luxury, a ring with one icy white diamond on a pale white gold band is a minimalist statement. Monochromatic and versatile, this solitaire engagement ring style goes with everything. If you choose a white gold lab grown diamond engagement ring, you should consider upgrading the quality to a premium F-G-H color diamond with VS clarity. This breathtaking center stone doesn’t need any adornment to take center stage.


Yellow gold lab grown diamond engagement rings

Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings

Shining yellow gold adds a warm sunny glow to your engagement ring. A yellow gold solitaire engagement ring adds extra prominence to your center stone with contrast between the lab grown diamond and the band. That contrast effect makes your center stone look whiter and brighter. As a result, even a warmer toned diamond will look colorless. Instead of upgrading the quality of your center lab grown diamond, you can upgrade the carat weight. Your yellow gold lab grown diamond engagement ring will shine bright in every light.


Pave lab grown diamond engagement rings

Pave Solitaire Engagement Rings

If you love solitaires but are also drawn to the extra sparkle of other styles, you can add pave to the band of your solitaire engagement ring. While not technically a solitaire with the addition of extra side stones, pave band lab grown diamond solitaire engagement rings are a “have your cake and eat it too” solution to the solitaire vs side stone dilemma. The sleek silhouette of a solitaire meets the dazzling display of the pave on the band for finger-spanning sparkle. The pave solitaire design is a celebrity favorite: it’s the best way to sparkle like the star you are.


Princess lab grown diamond engagement rings

Fancy Shape Solitaire Engagement Rings

The center stone of your solitaire engagement ring doesn’t have to be round. Choosing a fancy shape lab grown diamond center stone for your solitaire engagement ring instantly adds personality. Fancy shape diamonds are all a little bit different and they add an unusual look to this simple timeless setting. Princess cut lab grown diamond engagement rings add a new angle to the simple solitaire. Ovals, pear shapes and emerald cuts add an elongated silhouette to the streamlined style too. Don’t be afraid to add the lab grown diamond shape that suits you best to personalize your solitaire engagement ring.


Halo lab grown diamond engagement rings

Solitaire vs Halo Engagement Rings

Deciding between a solitaire engagement ring and a halo engagement ring? These two engagement ring styles are the most popular for good reason. A solitaire is more basic and streamlined, both more timeless and more modern. A halo has a vintage vibe, with lots of extra adornment and details. If you are choosing a mined diamond for your engagement ring, you might want to choose a halo because it helps to make the center stone look larger than it is. You can also switch to a lab grown diamond to give a solitaire engagement ring the big look you love.


Three stone lab grown diamond engagement rings

Solitaire vs Three Stone Engagement Rings

Are three stones better than one? Three stone engagement rings have been more popular in the past few years thanks to Meghan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring from Prince Harry, which is a three stone style featuring diamonds from Princess Diana’s stud earrings as the side stones. Three stone styles also have a lot of sparkle, extending all the way across the finger. The side stones add expense, of course. Your choice comes down to silhouette. Would you prefer a smaller center stone with two side stones or one larger center diamond? If you choose a three stone lab grown diamond engagement ring like the Centauri Engagement Ring, you can have both: a two-carat center lab grown diamond and finger-spanning style. Thanks to lab grown diamonds, engagement ring style compromises are a thing of the past.

Lab grown diamond solitaire necklace

Solitaire Necklaces and Earrings

Once you choose your lab grown diamond solitaire engagement ring, you will undoubtedly want to complement it with a lab grown diamond solitaire necklace in the same shape and color of gold. You can wear this necklace on your wedding day and every day before and after. We also recommend lab grown diamond solitaire earrings, either lab grown diamond stud earrings or lab grown diamond drop earrings. Timeless and versatile, either style will be a beautiful complement to your solitaire engagement ring forever.